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Alsco 3 Level Hoist Operational Function. Assuming hoist is at the bottom position with no linen bags loaded onto machine. 1/ Operator disengages and opens locked perimeter gate with “Lock/Unlock” switch located on the operator panel. The perimeter gate will only disengage when hoist is at this bottom position. 2/ Operator presses the green push button located on the hoist frame to allow one bag lock to open. This allows the operator to place ONE trolley onto the hoist rail. This switch is only accessable and functional when the perimeter gate is opened and hoist is at the bottom position. Once the trolley is in the correct location at centre of hoist rail, operator then switches the same switch as described above to close the hoist rail gate. 3/ Operator wheels in tub with full bag into hoist area underneath the trolley hook and slings bag onto the hook. 4/ Operator closes perimeter safety gate and engages the “Lock/Unlock” switch located on the control panel. If all gate switches are closed correctly, “Hoist enabled” light will illuminate on panel indicating hoist is ready for use. 5/ If bag is going to the middle rail, operator presses “Mid from bottom” push button until hoist comes to a total stop at the middle location. If bag is going to the upper rail, operator presses the “Top” push button. 6/ Once hoist is at the desired location, operator activates “Open/Close” switch on panel. Only those gates that are required to move bag from hoist to main rail will open. 7/ When bag has been moved and is clear from the gates, operator then switches the “Open/Close” switch back to close and the locks will shut. Only after all locks are correctly closed, will the hoist be ready for use. From this point, the operator is free to move the hoist to either the bottom location or the top location by pressing the appropriately labelled push buttons on the control panel.

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