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Alsco Hoist Safety

Alsco Hoist Safety Notes. – Hoist is only operational when all perimeter gates and hoist rail locks are closed correctly. The “Hoist enabled” light on the control panel will reflect this. – The perimeter gate will only open when the hoist is at the bottom position. – Only hoist and main rail locks that are required to open so as to move the trolley from one rail to another will open. – Hoist has an air pressure switch allowing the hoist to only be operational with a minimum of 6 bar air pressure. – If any safety conditions are breached whilst the hoist is not in a safe location, the safety controller will activate the motor invertor safety function and enable the motor brake. – Flashing beacon and sounder will activate whenever the host is in motion.

Alsco 3 stop linen hoist electrical install instructions. Please carefully read and understand these instructions before starting the hoist installation. Warning! It is imperative that that the personel who are responsible for assembling this hoist have a firm understanding of electrical safety circuits, frequency inverters and 3 phase braked motors. STAGE 1 – Mount control box in desired position on stand. Consider the operator who will be using the hoist daily for best position. See pic of other install. – Mount supplied 3 pole isolator on control box stand and run 2.5mm 4c + E - OC cable from isolator to 10A MCB located inside control panel and connect temporarily to U/V/W on VSD (this bypasses the safety contactor so we can operate motor manually), leaving power off. – Connect mains from factory DB CB (20A supply) to previously mounted isolator. – Mount and bolt 2 x 40mm x 40mm Combination strut (back to back unistrut not supplied) to rear of hoist as per pic 1. Tabs will need to be fabricated to hoist bottom plate and top plate to suit. Ensure unistrut is square to rest of hoist. – Install unistrut and tray from control panel to hoist structure. – Run EMC 3C + E motor cable from VSD to motor mounted at top of hoist and connect in star. – Run and connect as per schematics, 3 core (0.75mm2) cable from BMK brake rectifier inside control panel to motor brake terminal/wire inside motor conduit box. *NOTE! If there is an internal brake module located inside the motor terminal box, remove it. The motor manufacurer sometimes installs these from factory. It is not used! Disonnect so you will have only the three (red, white, blue) wires to connect. Term 13 – 4a (red), 14 – 3a (white), 15 - 5(blue). – Mount braking resistor on unistrut and connect to VSD BRK+ and BRK – with 2c + E cable. – At this point, check all connections and ensure they are correct. – If fabricator/fitter has installed left and or right fixed linen rail to meet the new hoist rail, follow these next instructions. – CLEAR ALL PERSONNEL FROM MACHINE– and energise control via main CB. Watch for any undesirable reactions from the VSD or the machine. NOTE! The VSD has been correctly programmed and tested before leaving our workshop. – If required by the fabricator to finish rail ends, you can now run the motor in LOC control and with 10rpm only by carefully following the VSD instructions in the VSD manual. REMEMBER! The motor brake is energised! To release brake, bridge VSD term no 17 and 19. DOING SO WILL ALLOW THE HOIST HEAD TO SLOWLY FREEFALL SO AGAIN KEEP PERSONNEL CLEAR! – Allow fabricator to complete the rail ends with the help of you manually driving hoist up and down as required. STAGE 2 – Shut off machine reconnect mains to top of control board CB! – For 3 level hoist only - Mount M30 prox (Mid ramp prox I5) to unistrut using M30 sensor bracket to approx same height from floor as middle fixed rail. – Mount M30 prox (Top ramp prox I13) to unistrut approx 150mm lower than upper fixed rail. – Mount M30 prox (Bottom pos prox I11) to unistrut approx 1500mm from floor level. – Mount JB1 at a location right at top of hoist and install 2 x 25mm PVC glands in JB1. – Run M30 prox cables to JB1 leaving small loop at prox for future adjustment.

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