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ENERGY Caribbean Yearbook (2013-14)

trinidad and tobago

trinidad and tobago Energy timeline Countries Early years 1857 First oil well drilled by Merrimac near La Brea 1866 First successful well drilled by Walter Darwent 1902-7 Successful wells drilled in Guayaguayare by Randolph Rust and John Lee Lum 1908 Commercial oil production begins at La Brea 1910 First export shipment of crude oil 1911 Small refinery build at Brighton 1917 Refinery built at Pointe-à-Pierre 1930 First crude oil imports for local refining 1933 First enhanced oil recovery at Forest Reserve 1937 Labour protests Development 1953 First commercial use of gas, for power generation 1953 Marine exploration off southeast coast by Dominion Oil 1954 Apex Oil Company drills to 16,155 feet in Fyzabad 1955 Non-associated natural gas discovered on land 1955 First offshore production, in Soldado field in Gulf of Paria 1956 Texaco buys Pointe-à-Pierre refinery from Trinidad Leaseholds 1959 WR Grace subsidiary Federation Chemicals uses BP gas for petrochemical production 1961 First exploration off Trinidad’s east coast 1967 Peak oil production on land – 111,883 b/d The gas age 1968 e east coast by Amoco 1968 Peak oil production off the west coast – 76,948 b/d 1968 First seismic survey off the north coast 1969 Amoco finds commercial quantities of oil off the east coast 1969 Government takes over BP’s land fields with Tesoro 1970 Tesoro finds oil off the southeast coast 1970 First competitive bidding for offshore blocks 1971 Natural gas discovered off the north coast 1972 Commercial oil production from Amoco’s Teak field 1972 National Petroleum launched to take over BP’s gas stations 1972 Delta Exploration acquires speculative 2D seismic survey over northern Gulf of Paria and east coast of Trinidad 1974 First large-scale commercial gas production, from Amoco’s Teak field off the east coast; reserves estimated at 1.1 trillion cubic feet Expansion Trintoc created as the government’s first upstream and refining 1974 company after purchase of Shell’s oilfields and Point Fortin refinery 1974 16-inch, 24-mile pipeline brings gas ashore from east coast fields 1975 National Gas Company (NGC) established 1977 Gas-based industrial development begins at Point Lisas with Tringen ammonia plant 1977 South East Coast Consortium (SECC) makes first east coast gas discovery since Amoco in 1968 1977 24-inch, 40-mile pipeline increases transmission capacity 1978 Peak east coast oil production – 139,163 b/d 1978 Peak national oil production – 240,000 b/d 1978 First marine platforms built locally and installed off southeast coast Heavy industry 1980 Government-owned ISCOTT steel plant established at Point Lisas 1981 FERTRIN ammonia plant at Point Lisas (government holds 51%) 1983 Government establishes urea plant at Point Lisas 1983 Amoco’s giant Cassia gas field comes on stream 1983 Government builds new 30-inch, 40-mile offshore gas line 1983 South West Soldado oilfield off west coast is estimated at 100 million barrels 1984 First methanol plant established at Point Lisas (government-owned) 1985 Government buys Tesoro, which becomes Trintopec 1985 Government acquires Texaco’s land fields and Pointe-à-Pierre refinery, amalgamating operations with Trintoc 1986 First compressed natural gas available as motor fuel 1987 Last well drilled in the Northern Basin to 7,700 feet in Claxton Bay 1989 1989 1990 Rationalisation Lease operatorship/farmout programme introduced by Trintopec British Gas takes over Tenneco’s international assets and enters Trinidad and Tobago Government-owned Trintomar starts gas production from Pelican field in SECC 26

1991 Phoenix Park Gas Processors pioneers large-scale gas liquids extraction 1992 Unsuccessful exploration off south coast 1992 NGC takes over National Energy Corporation 1993 CL Financial establishes Caribbean Methanol at Point Lisas – first fully-owned private sector gas-based petrochemical plant 1993 Unsuccessful exploration in deeper zones on land by Exxonled Southern Basin Consortium 1993 First production-sharing contract, with BG/Texaco 1993 Enron invited to salvage SECC block as a natural gas producing unit 1993 Product-related pricing system for natural gas sales introduced: major factor in gas monetisation success 1993 Petrotrin created to bring all government upstream assets under one company 1994 First oil company listed on Trinidad and Tobago stock exchange (Moraven Holdings) 1994 Amoco drills first horizontal well off southeast coast – 2,477 feet through 40-foot thick sands at 8,000 feet depth 1996 BG/Texaco begin supplying gas to NGC from east coast Dolphin field Gas eclipses oil 1996 Natural gas production overtakes oil, marking shift from an oil to a gas economy 1998 Amoco’s Trinidad and Tobago assets acquired by BP Group 1999 Petrotrin forms alliances to boost activity in undeveloped acreage 1999 Trinidad and Tobago becomes the only LNG producer in Latin America/Caribbean 1999 Shell drills first of eight wells in deep water; Exxon and BP follow suit. No oil discovered 2000 NGC’s natural gas sales top one billion standard cubic feet a day for the first time 2001 BHP Billiton makes first east coast offshore oil discovery since Amoco in 1968 with Kairi and Canteen wells 2001 Second non-associated gas find on land, by Vintage in the Central Block 2002 BG drills deepest deviated wells, to 22,000 feet in Hibiscus field off the north coast 2002 BPTT commits to maximum local content upstream 2002 BPTT installs world’s largest offshore gas processing unit off southeast coas 2003 NGC’s profit crosses TT$1 billion 2003 Natural gas production off north coast by BG and partners Record breaking 2004 World’s first mega-methanol plant commissioned at Point Lisas for Atlas Methanol 2004 National Energy Corporation responsible for gas-based investment projects, industrial sites and harbours 2004 Petrotrin given automatic position in all exploration/ production arrangements with foreign companies 2005 NGC invests in upstream gas development 2005 World’s largest LNG train – Atlantic train 4, with a capacity of 5.2 million tones a year – begins production at Point Fortin 2005 World’s largest methanol plant – locally-controlled Methanol 5000 – comes on stream 2005 Government increases royalty on gas exported by bpTT to 10% 2005 Cross-border gas reserves confirmed by Chevron in block 2 and Venezuela’s Plataforma Deltana Declining oil BPTT’s Ibis Deep, the deepest vertical well ever sunk in 2006 Trinidad and Tobago, reaches 19,068 feet in SECC block but fails to find hydrocarbons 2006 Government stiffens PSC terms to add a direct tax element, which does not go down well with oil companies 2006 Unsuccessful eight-block ultra-deepwater auction 2006 BHP Billiton in block 3a makes first oil discovery since Kairi and Canteen in 2001 2006 NGC inaugurates largest gas pipeline in the western hemisphere 2007 Eastern Caribbean gas pipeline given formal go-ahead by first customer, Barbados 2007 New gas discoveries in offshore blocks 5c (southeast coast) and 22 (north of Tobago) 2007 Venezuela’s PetroCaribe deferred-payment and soft loan initiative threatens Trinidad and Tobago’s markets 2007 Cross-border natural gas estimated at 10 tcf, of which 27% is on the Trinidad side 2007 8.39MW demonstration methanol-fired power plant established at Point Lisas 2008 Global economic recession Petrotrin refinery upgrade; revised fiscal arrangements; new 2010 exploration block auction; Tobago supplied with gas directly from Angostura field; concern over continued decline in oil production Eleven blocks offered in deep water auction, only two bids 2011 successful – for 23a and TTDAA 14, both to BP Exploration Operating Co. Proven non-associated natural gas reserves downgraded to 2011 13.46 tcf by Ryder Scott consultants, the seventh straight year of decline 2011 Sales missions to Ghana, Suriname and Brazil by energy service companies breaking into international markets 2012 First PSCs for ultra-deep blocks signed with BP Exploration Operating Co. for 23a and TTDAA 14 from 2010 bid round 2012 PSC for block 5d signed with BG Group, 5 tcf of gas resources predicted 2012 Six blocks offered in 2012 deep water round; BHP Billiton awarded four of them – TTDAA 5-6, 28-29 Centrica Energy continues negotiation with Puerto Rico 2012 Electric Power Authority (Prepa) for supply of gas from Trinidad in pioneering marine CNG form 2012 Beowulf Energy/First Reserve, joint majority owners of Eastern Caribbean Gas Pipeline Co., confirm pipeline gas supply to Barbados 2012 Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada sign framework agreement on energy cooperation 2012 Fiscal incentives for development of small oilfields offshore and deep horizon drilling. energycaribbean YEARBOOK 2013/14 27

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