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BusinessDay 15 April 2018

C002D5556 Sunday

C002D5556 Sunday 15 April 2018 30BDSUNDAY SundayBusiness Spiritonomics Core - elation Debo Atiba In unraveling diverse mysteries that make for success, we must never forget the ones that make for failure also. Behind every winning business venture or any other pursuit of life, is a mindset of success. This goes to also show that in God’s design, success has been inculcated into our DNA. Our life-long quest for success and relevance is traceable to God’s design in us. If this is a common denominator between man and God, then we must examine the root of failure. Why do men fail? Men do not fail because of what they experience; rather they fail because of what they THINK. Every action in life is preceded by THOUGHTS. In the realm of the spirit, THOUGHTS are things whether you believe it or not. However, in the physical realm, things do not appear to have originated from the Spirit. Every object you see, feel or touch in life are products of a man’s thought. Likewise, when you study any successful man you see that their thoughts made them. The Bible says that ‘’as a man thinks in his heart so is he”. For this to emanate from God it means it is really BIG! Every time we remember that no action is taken except they are thought-up, it actually shows the power that our thoughts wield. This means going forward or backward in life are all products of the thoughts in our lives. When we talk about obstacles, they are not necessarily tangible BAR- RIERS or road BLOCKS put across our paths rather, most times they are all inside us. Until we recognize the power that our thoughts have over the outcome of our lives, we would not treat it with respect and give it the honor that it deserves. We must settle it in ourselves that every single transaction we execute in life must have been first of all processed in our thoughts. “But I don’t have control over the thoughts on my mind!!!!” you shout. Well, I can only agree with you if you are dead or completely insane. A madman has largely lost control over the thoughts of his mind that is why he is considered to be mad. In fact, if you follow him closely, you would even discover he has moments of sanity. However, I am sure you fall into none of the two categories. So congrats, “YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER YOUR MIND”. That means you have the power to CHOOSE between GOOD THOUGHTS and NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. So how do we recognize NEGATIVE THOUGHTS? Every thought that does not make for encouragement, joy, peace, love, excitement or progress are NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. It is your thought that tells you, you cannot do it when no man is there. Your thought tells you that people like you don’t succeed and you agree with it. Your thought tells you, you are not likable and ugly. People have thought these ways, accepted these as truths and patterned their lives in alignment. Looking back in your life, you must have had this experience one way or the other, or at one time or the other. Although thoughts appear spontaneous and it looks as though we have no control over them, the truth is that they have an origin or source. We just do not think blank thoughts. The thoughts of our hearts are a product of the information we allow into our mind. The information we expose ourselves to, determine our thoughts to a large extent and consequently the outcome of our lives. The entertainment world is very good at programming us to their own advantage. The decision to buy what we buy is deliberately fed into our minds and we process them as our thoughts. For you to succeed at whatever endeavor, your thought must be rigid in the truth that has been fed into your life, otherwise, you are a loser. The best information that you need for the deprogramming and reprogramming of your life is the thought of God spelled out in the word of God. Contrary to what anyone has to say, this is the only TRUTH that has never lacked result. In there, the possibilities that your life possess are unveiled to you and the power to carry them out are released into you. Having been armed with the knowledge of the origin of our thoughts, we can easily eliminate the stumbling thoughts and build the good thoughts. As the second quarter of the year is just starting, we must be deliberate at selecting the information that we would allow into our minds, otherwise, wrong information becomes NEGATIVE THOUGHTS which do not make for ELATION in life. The “CORE” of our being pants after this so much that our inability to experience progress reduces us to a shadow of God’s original design. The children of Israel could not enter Canaan land all because of wrong information disseminated in their hearing. This year we must take up our responsibility of seeking out right information that looks like where we are going and ingest them. The bible says that we must guard our hearts with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. It takes quite some effort to do this but it is worth it. Get the right books and tapes, be in the right company and listen to the right information. This does not just happen by chance, you have to be intentional about it, draw out a program daily or weekly to address this and your life would definitely not remain the same again. Remain blessed. Looking to buy property from abroad, TAGEXPO has you covered ISAAC ANYAOGU Th e team at ‘The Anirejuoritse Group’ Nigeria Limited (T.A.G) has fully activated this year’s edition of its annual Real Estate Expo (TAGEXPO) organized to guide Nigerians in the Diaspora to credible Real Estate developers with property investment that suit their budgets and needs. Every year, TAGEXPO takes interested real estate developers from Nigeria to the United Kingdom and the United States to showcase their property in a fair where they convince Nigerians abroad to procure property in the country for investment or occupancy. They can leverage on the weak naira to buy properties ranging from up N9million to about N200million. This year, the organisers are adding a new twist in the form of a Special Purpose Vehicle that allows up to five people pay for a single property and own blocks. “For every property, we would get people who will come together, say it is N60m, we can sell it to five different people and then each person can buy a block, or one fifth of that property that ensures that no matter who attends the event, more people will buy the property. We create an SPV and the SPV now owns the property, with the names of the buyers, this is strictly for investment purpose, not owner occupier scheme,” says Michael Ejoh, the convener and chief marketing officer of T.A.G. Nigeria at a stakeholders’ breakfast meeting, in Lagos, on Opeoluwa Osho, managing director Kreativ Management Concepts & Finance, a partner to the TAGEXPO 2018; Tayo Odunsi CEO Northcourt Real Estate Limited; Michael Ejoh CIPS, chief marketing officer TAG Nigeria Limited; Francesca Dyegh, country manager Echostone Nigeria Limited; Chima Ugonna, Marketing Executive Air France KLM at the TAGEXPO 2018 Real Estate Stakeholders Breakfast Session held recently. April 12. The organisers say the TAGEXPO is open to real estate developers in Nigeria, all financial institutions with facilities for loans and other real estate acquisition services, Insurance companies, mortgage firms, and Nigerians in the Diaspora. The idea for the expo was borne out of careful feasibility studies, which provide participants with a robust database of Nigerian professionals living abroad who either want to return home or are seeking Real Estate investment opportunities in Nigeria. TAG says it has been invited to take a stand at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) holding in Houston, United States to hold oneleg of the fair. “The continued theme for the TAGEXPO is to “Meet, Invest, Secure” – encompassing the core responsibilities on Real Estate purchase to connecting and negotiating, making a commitment and insuring your commitment. This year we are looking to go bigger than we have in the past two years, so much has been learnt on this journey and we hope to incorporate all the lessons to produce an even more engaging event for developers and attendees. We are also including properties from eastern parts of Nigeria as we have had inquiries about properties from there “We have designed the TAGEXPO to be an all- day, family event. We believe that if you are buying a property you are not only buying for yourself. We encourage people to come with their families and talk directly to the developers. Three Crowns new creamer offers great quality at affordable price Angel James Nigeria’s leading low cholesterol milk, Three Crowns recently launched the first locally-produced evaporated creamer in the Nigerian market. Three Crowns Creamer offers a great quality product for every Nigerian consumer who seeks an affordable and alternative milk product for their daily meals. FrieslandCampina WAMCO, makers of Three Crowns milk, has been in Nigeria for over 60 years and believes that milk is an essential nutrient for every individual. At the unveiling of the Three Crowns Creamer in Lagos, Ben Langat, managing director, FrieslandCampina WAMCO, said he was confident that the company has provided a nutrition solution for consumers. A s s u r i n g t h a t “FrieslandCampina WAMCO will continue to ensure that every Nigerian mother has Three Crowns for her home”, Langat said that Three Crowns has been at the forefront of nourishing and providing quality dairy nutrition for mothers and their families and that it was the first brand to show care for the mothers and acknowledge the important role they play in the family. “Three Crowns has been creating healthy and happy families for three decades, putting mums first and creating a formidable bond within our homes. Three Crowns believes that when a mother of the home is happy and healthy, by extension the community and the nation will also be happy and healthy,” Langat said. “The brand recognizes that when mothers, socially believed to be our primary caretakers, are also being taken care of, it directly and positively impacts the care they give to their families,” he said. Omolara Bolajoko, brand manager, Frieslandcampina WAMCO, said one of the reasons for providing the creamer milk, seeing the state of the economy, was to satisfy Nigerian consumers who are still on fixed salaries and would not want to spend much to be able afford the creamer, tasty, sweet milk. “We still have some consumers who do not use the regular Three Crowns products but with the new Three Crowns Creamer, we know a lot of people will afford this,” she said. Adewale Arikawe, sales director, FrieslandCampino WAMCO, stated that Three Crowns now offers majority of Nigerians more affordable access to a rich, tasty new creamer at just N120 per tin.

Sunday 15 April 2018 C002D5556 BDSUNDAY 31 SundayBusiness NHF: Will contributors’ bread be better buttered at housing loan board? The National Housing Fund (NHF) was set up 25 years ago as a child of circumstance by an Act which spelt out its functions and operations as a means of facilitating access to housing loans by workers, mostly those in the formal sector of the economy. The Act compels workers to contribute two and half per cent of their monthly salaries to the fund and also empowers employers to deduct the contributions at source. Although the Act covers workers in both public and private sectors, mostly federal public servants have been contributing faithfully. The fund, which guarantees contributors access to housing loan for buying, building or renovating existing houses after contributing for just six months at 6 percent interest rate, is statutorily managed by the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN)—Nigeria’s secondary mortgage institution. The FMBN’s status as a secondary mortgage institution poses a challenge to the operations of the fund because it restricts the bank from dealing with individual contributors to the fund. This has been identified as a major problem that needs to be resolved quickly. Besides lack of access to loans, there is also problem of FMBN’s failure to give individual contributors details of their statement of Account every year as the law demands it to do. In a number of ways, FMBN has failed to live up to its responsibility in the management of the fund. Since the year, 2000, labour unions have been kicking against continued contribution by workers to the NHF on the ground that there was no guaranteed benefit. Labour alleges that as at 2006, about 1.8 million workers were registered from 17,132 employers that subscribed to the NHF scheme, with a contribution of about N6 billion, adding that less than N280 million was disbursed to a handful of 446 contributors as loans. Furthermore, about N20 billion was said to have been contributed by workers to the fund between its inception and 2006. The law governing the fund has left the Federal Government Staff Housing Loan Board (FGSHLB), which has been operating a social welfare scheme for providing houses for federal government workers since 1924 in the cold. Recently, the House of Representatives dusted the Act setting up the FGSHLB with a view to amending 44 years after its last amendment. The public hearing conducted by the House Committee on Public Service Matters, provided a platform for workers to ventilate their anger and frustration with NHF scheme and to call for the transfer of their contributions to the housing loan board. Under the proposed amendment of the FGSHLB Act, Section 8 of the new Act is proposing that 50 per cent of Federal Public Service contributions to the NHF should be channeled to the Loans Board to guarantee contributors’ access to the fund. Emmanuel Omonowa, director, Legal Services, in Office of the Head of Service of the Federation, noted at the public hearing that contributions to the NHF scheme was being made by Federal Government employees alone, suggesting that 50 per cent should be ordered in the Act, to be amended, to be paid to the loans board. “Why do we say so? Number one, for anybody to retire from the public service today, he must be requested to bring a certificate from the loans board to be sure that he does not owe. Therefore, if these are the people contributing and they must come to the board to obtain a certificate to show that they do not owe, why not put their contribution here so that when they come for their certificate, if they have not obtained any loan, their contributions should be put together and given to them,” he said. This, he hoped, would boost the confidence of the public that a system was in place unlike what is on ground where deductions are made at source from workers’ salaries but that money put together is given to primary mortgage institutions (PMIs) to build houses that civil servants cannot buy. “The contributors who should be helped to put money together to own houses, cannot own the houses and they cannot get their Talking Mortgage with CHUKA UROKO (08037156969, contribution back. This ought not to continue so that we do not have our senior citizens retiring with heart attack”, he submitted. A representative of the FMBN pointed out that the NHF Act, which empowers the bank to manage the affairs of the fund was open to all contributors to the fund, adding that civil servants and public sector officials have been benefitting from the fund. “We reckon that the Act provided for the monies collected from the fund be channeled through the PMIs for on-lending to contributors and we have our problems there. We have been seeking to amend our own Act and then the NHF Act, to meet the realities of the time”, he assured. But the workers disagreed, stressing, “What we are saying, precisely, is that housing is very important to human existence. The NHF, who contributes to it? The Act says two and half percent of salaries of workers, and housing is on the Concurrent List. The kicked against the idea of using money contributed by workers to fund mortgage owners or mortgage system, in which the workers, themselves, cannot pay the terms. “That is the critical issue. The FGSHLB exist wholly for federal public employees; as a result, the bulk of their contribution should go there. That is equity. But to take the contributions of poor workers and fund mortgage institutions, who in most cases, provide housing schemes for the rich is unacceptable”, the workers emphasized. Apebo Joshua, a representative of Senior Civil Servants Association of Nigeria, also demanded that the contribution of public servants should be transferred to the FGSHLB because, according to him, “we do not benefit from our contributions to the NHF, being managed by the FMBN”. Continuing, he said, “even if the FMBN gives private developers money to build houses, they would build houses that are not affordable to civil servants. If, for instance, a developer charges N4 million for a house; a civil servant who desire to own such a house would be required to pay 10 per cent of the sum, amounting to N400,000. How much is minimum wage? Just N18,000. Vodacom deploys Intelsat 35e Satellite to boost internet connectivity in Nigeria AMAKA ANAGOR-EWUZIE Vodacom Business Nigeria and Intelsat S.A. have announced an agreement to expand Vodacom’s broadband connectivity in Nigeria. The agreement was aimed at providing an improved satellite services to the former’s local enterprise customers. The strategic agreement was signed at the Satellite 2018 event which took place in Washington D.C, United States of America recently. The agreement now makes Vodacom Business Nigeria the first telecommunications provider in Nigeria to lease capacity on the Intelsat 35e Satellite. Research has it that as satellite coverage increases globally, enterprise businesses are no longer limited to operating from just one location because of the high speed broadband requires for business operation. However, this agreement with Intelsat S.A, which is the operator of the World’s first Globalized Network and leader in integrated satellite solutions, Vodacom Business Nigeria will deploy the Intelsat EpicNG satellite services, which is a next generation of satellite technology; to enable its customers operate from anywhere in Nigeria. Brian Jakins, Intelsat’s regional vice president, Africa Sales, said that Intelsat EpicNG enables higher data rate applications and smaller terminals that give enterprises the avenue to expand into new regions and take advantage of business opportunities regardless of where they occur. He further noted that with the improved performance delivered by Intelsat EpicNG, Vodacom Business Nigeria’s customers will utilise the satellite services on Intelsat 35e to deliver fast, high quality and resilient broadband connectivity to the banking, oil and gas, and other sectors across West Africa. L-R: Hans Geldenhuys, managing sales director, Intelsat Africa and Lanre Kolade, managing director, Vodacom Business Nigeria during the signing of an agreement to deploy next generation Intelsat 35e Satellite in Nigeria at the just concluded Satellite 2018 event held in Washington, D.C. Wakanow launches ‘Travel Now Pay Later’ Scheme for 2018 Russia World Cup Obinna EmelIKE As part of the comprehensive drive to significantly boost the capability of the Nigerian traveling public, Wakanow has designed a new travel payment scheme, ‘Travel Now Pay Later’ that would alleviate the strain of outright payment for travel packages on her customers by allowing them pay in convenient installments even after their travel date. With a minimum down payment of 25 percent, intending travelers who wish to take advantage of the Wakanow Travel Now Pay Later Scheme can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of spreading the balance payment for their travel package for as long as nine months even after their travel dates. The product offers Wakanow customers soft loans at a very marginal interest rate within a 24-hour turnaround time. According to a statement by Obinna Ekezie, managing director, Wakanow, these new offerings accentuate Wakanow’s commitment to boost the financial capacity of Nigerians to afford air travel and benefit from the innumerable benefits of travel and leisure. He also said that as a company with keen interest in sports, it was ideal for Wakanow to launch the product exclusively to encourage the live participation of Nigerian football lovers at the forthcoming World Cup. “Generally, flights in Africa are far more expensive compared to what is obtainable in Europe and other advanced economies. The absence of open skies across Africa’s biggest economies and convoluted routes make travel cost expensive, inhibit trade and result in lower passenger demand. We believe that by making travel cheaper and more affordable, we will be empowering more Nigerians to afford air travel”, Ekezie said. The Wakanow Travel Now Pay Later scheme is designed in partnership with RenMoney. Wakanow is Africa’s largest Online Travel Agency with commercial operations in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and the UK. The company is currently undertaking a large expansion project which will result in stronger footprint across Africa, the UK and USA. Wakanow currently processes over 15,000 bookings in Nigeria monthly as the demand for African travel continues to grow.

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