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The Block Issue 00


Explore the Heritage text / Paolo Cuvin Right after the heritage tour the participants are eager to see their rooms as the place have different designs and style on every hotel rooms. The hotel room of Las Casas is a one of a kind piece of discovery, the rooms where located on a casa like design that compliments the heritage design of the places. There are rooms that are located on a bahay na bato type structure, dormitory-like, oldfashioned hotel atmosphere and many more. Each rooms compliments the guest with basic hotel complimentary from towels to bottled water. The beachfront development called Estero de Binondo is an undertaking which is a waterway where small boats can go through to transport guests lies between two rows of Manila-inspired buildings. The beachfront is remarkably beautiful as to enjoy the sunset and sunrise view and each turn of view creates a new scenery of old time. Touring Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar takes you back to 18 th Century Philippines. A period both fascinating and complicated, marked by extreme class systems, distorted religious ideologies, and a social awakening that led to the birth of a new and independent nation. 17

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