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The Block Issue 00

Neon lights & teens of

Neon lights & teens of the night text / Vannah Austria, Paolo Cuvin Woke up in the morning and my mind is still troubled with the materials to buy for a scale model, and maybe others are also worried on how to finish their plates within the next few days, and others on some quiz or exam coming up. Then suddenly a swoosh of excitement made me cave in to its whispers and reminded me of something “fun” and “exciting” tonight. Thoughts and worries about plates, scale models, school works, and everything stressful began to pop like a bubble and I started to pack my stuff. Our block began to prepare into groups. Some went in one’s house, others in one’s dormitory. Grabbing our outfits, we went into the bathroom one after the other. Hair straightener, lipsticks, lip tints, and others are handed out to achieve the best look for tonight. And with our jackets on and stuff prepared, we are ready to go. These welcomed us the moment the elevator opened its doors upon reaching 36 th floor of the World Trade Exchange in Binondo, Manila. Neon lights of the abbreviation “Aridbe” decorated the stage where the candidates of the Mr. & Ms. ArIdBe are going to ramp their way to achieving the crown and the title. 28

The atmosphere is indeed very Riverdale. The cheering students of Architecture, Interior Design, and Industrial Design are in their Riverdale outfits and the dimmed room was made alive by the playful spotlights and the flickering neon lights. At dinner, people lined up before the buffet table to get their food & sat w/ their friends. Laughter & fun conversations filled the room as we dined. Later on, a loud roars the hall as the candidates’ ramps their way to the stage to announce the top 5 finalist for Mr. & Mrs. ARIDBE. The finalist are: Tope Delos Reyes, Franz Santos, Maro Bana, MC Cerezo, Gus Opay, Sam Coloso, Justine De Leon, Hiyas Pastor, Erica Kwan and Bricia Paragas. After announcing the finalist the contestants prepare themselves for the Q&A portion. Finally the Mr. & Mrs. ARIDBE are Mr. Gus Opay & Mrs. Bricia Paragas. After the celebration of announcing the Mr. & Mrs. Winners the event ended with an after party that celebrated by the guest bands: Autotelic, Luncheon &Up for Byes. The Students were wild as they unleashed their inner stress through the party, jumping into the pool, dragging & pulling their friends. It is really a very solid night indeed. 29

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