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The Block Issue 00

Comfort Food? BELIEVED

Comfort Food? BELIEVED TO BE A GREAT COPING MECHANISM FOR SOOTHING NEGATIVE FEELINGS. WHAT ARE THE MUST-HAVE ITEMS THAT YOU BRING TO SCHOOL? “Sundae with fries, hindi dahil sa food... Marami lang talaga ako good memories pag yon kinakain ko, tapos gusto ko lang ma alala ulit yon and makalimutan yung stress.” OLLIRIE RESURRECCION “Chicken huhu the best!” yvez bertiz “Pizzaaaaaaaa. Pizza is pizza everyone loves it + mayonnaise + cheese + ketchup + onions + gravy. 2 slices are good but the whole box is better!” paolo cuvin isabelle luna “Coffee kasi pampagising na rin and basta hinahanap hanap mo nalang siya pag stress na stress na hahaha and yung chocolates kasi idk na :(( hahahaha”

“Number one comfort food are cookies. Because i believe everybody needs a cookie and you can’t be sad when you’re eating a cookie. Ahahahahah” eira yangson “CHICKEN SKIN SA SIZZLING HOUSE!!!!” “Definitely Cookies n’ Cream Ice cream, kasi nakakapag relax yung pag kumakain ng ice cream haha di ko rin alam bakit.” vannah austria marko delgado “Comfort food— chocolate specifically dark chocolate. Since it is believed to reduce stress. And it also gives you an energy or a pump when you’re feeling down” nicole manalang g

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