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The Block Issue 00


Hell Week text / Paolo Cuvin Every semester composes of exactly 11 weeks and each of those weeks creates new beginnings and endings, but the real ending starts at 10 th week. This is the start of so called “hell week”, one week, all-nighters, exams, final paper, group projects and major plates. Not every student has had to experience this, but it is very common to an architecture student. Hell is not for the average person, it will break down your spirit and your motivation but will a little perseverance and helpful tips can take down every hell week the mapua tries to throw to their way. These were the times that either you drink so much coffee that the amount of caffeine you are consuming should be made illegal or you were just avoiding your duties and procrastinate after. Thinking about what to prioritize first between individual work and group projects, as to be lately inform that the deadline of these plates were extended to a later date and realize the times you can review for an exam that you missed to study during those hectic time. Your free time is your best friend if ever you had one but knowing that your free time will be either your nap time or your food to gather persona, after that tiring work you have done with your projects you will later realize that you haven’t eaten your dinner yet as most of the students tends to skip dinner and eat brunch as it will only consume less time for being a practical student. The most important part of hell week is how you will manage your time from your academic examinations to your major plates, excluding some special projects like scale model, papers, and some extracurricular activities. 38

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