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Control unplanned pregnancy Know how to deal with it

• The primary

• The primary activity if you speculate you are pregnant is to either utilize a home pregnancy test kit or visit your specialist. If prophylactic is not utilized by any stretch of the imagination, at that point there is 85% shot of pregnancy. Your specialist will test your blood for this hormone and it is a more exact estimation than the pee test. The test kits can be acquired at any drug store and they test for the nearness of human chorionic gonadotropin (hcG) in your pee.

• If you end the pregnancy, it's still 120 hours or less since intercourse, at that point you can take a crisis preventative pill (ECP). There are a wide range of alternatives with an unplanned pregnancy. ECPs are additionally called "the following morning pill" and they work to avoid both fertilization and ovulation. You may pick proceed with the pregnancy, with or without an partner, furthermore, have the alternative of keeping the child or putting the infant up for selection.

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