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Damming at gunpoint(English Version)


THE SALWEEN UNDER KAREN CONTROL 23 1inch = 25 miles Map 7: Road Infrastructure in Papun District

24 DAMMING AT GUNPOINT Major Burmese military offensives in the Papun area pre-1992 1955 1963 1975 The first Burmese troops arrived and set up their administration in Papun (where the General Headquarters of the KNU was located at that ime.) Following the failure of talks between KNU and General Ne Win’s Revolutionary Council, the Burmese regime began a military operation known as “Operation Min Yan Aung,” in the northern part of the Papun hills. Burmese troops permanently set up bases in the area. Burmese troops implemented their “Four Cuts” policy (aimed at cutting off civilian support for insurgents, depriving them of food supplies, funding, intelligence and recruits) east of the Sittang River to bring down the KNU. They took control of the upper part of the Belin River at Mae Wai-Mae Thu, and set up more military garrisons in the area. These operations led to increased numbers of IDPs and the setting up of the first refugee village in Thailand (Pu Mya Loo, adjacent to the junction of the Moei and Salween rivers). 1983-91 The Burmese army carried out military operations in the Luthaw, Pawday and Htee Moo Khee area at the upper part of the Yunzalin River, which was captured by Burmese troops in its yearly dryseason operation between 1983–92.

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