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Damming at gunpoint(English Version)


INCREASED BURMA ARMY PRESENCE 37 Forced Relocation At present, there are 31 relocation sites in Papun District, which have been designated by the Burmese military since 1991. 14 The relocation sites are usually existing villages, where the original villagers have been forced to give up their land for housing and resettlement of the new arrivals. The Burmese Army does not provide the relocated villagers with any food or other assistance. In the case of Dwelo Township of Papun District, in 1997, as part of an operation that took place simultaneously in the southern area of KNU (Brigades 4 and 6), the Burmese military forcibly relocated 24 villages into the existing villages of Mae Wai, Mae Nyu Ta, Wor Mu and Ku Thu Hta. Some villagers did not go to the relocation sites and chose to live as IDPs in the jungle; some came to refugee camps in Thailand. The increased concentration of SPDC troops in proximity to the sites has meant that human rights abuses have been rampant. The troops impose curfews and restrictions on movement. The villagers have to obtain a pass for traveling outside their village for work. Especially since 1998, when the SPDC introduced a new self-reliance strategy for its frontline army units, troops have been forced to grow their own food supplies. Due to this, villagers have been subjected to increased forced labour, land confiscation and extortion of money, food and materials. Table 3: Current Relocation Sites in Papun District No. Relocation Sites (Villages) Village Tract Township (a) Relocation Sites around Papun Town 1 Ta Doe Hta Baw Thay Hta Luthaw 2 Klaw Hta K’law Hta Luthaw 3 Toe Thay Pu K’law Hta Luthaw 4 T’po Pu Mae Klong Butho 5 Wein Mon Mae Klong Butho 6 Wein San Mae Klong Butho 14 KORD’s Papun District representative information, 2004

38 DAMMING AT GUNPOINT No. Relocation Sites (Villages) Village Tract Township 7 Htee Tha Blu Hta Htee Thablu Hta Dwelo 8 Baw Tho Hta Htee Thablu Hta Dwelo 9 Ma Htor Ma Htor Dwelo 10 Mae Nyu Hta Mae Nyu Butho 11 Mae Ku Hta Mae Ku Butho (b) In Yunzalin River Basin (Along Kamamaung-Papun Road) 12 Mae Moei Hta Mae Moei Butho 13 Pway Htor Roh Ka Ter Ti Dwelo 14 Baw Kyo Lae Ka Ter Ti Dwelo 15 Lay Po Hta Lay Poe Tha Dwelo 16 Pa Lone Ka Ter Ti Dwelo 17 Noe Paw Htee Ka Ter Ti Dwelo 18 Tha Gor Play Lae Poe Hta Dwelo 19 Waw Ta Moe Lay Poe Hta Dwelo (c) On Belin River basin 20 Lay Kor Hti Lay Kor Hti Dwelo 21 Pwa Wae Hta Lay Kor Hti Dwelo 22 Mae Wai Mae Wai Dwelo 23 Ku Thu Hta Ku Thu Hta Dwelo 24 Mae Cho Mae Cho Dwelo 25 Ma Lay Ler Ma Lay Ler Dwelo 26 Kwee Ta Ma Mae Cho Dwelo 27 Wor Mu Wor Mu Dewlo (d) In Salween River Basin 28 Takgor Hta Kaw Lu Der Luthaw 29 Thi Mu Hta Pa Hai Butho 30 Kor Pu Kor Pu Butho 31 Paw Hta Kor Pu Butho Total 31 sites

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