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Damming at gunpoint(English Version)

Rich men dam the

Rich men dam the water Flooding the hill rice field, causing problems for Mother Rich men dam the river Flooding over the roof and making Mother homeless. Traditional Karen saying

Acronyms and terms in the book Terms and acronyms related to SPDC SPDC State Peace and Development Council (Military Junta) IB Infantry Battalion LIB Light Infantry Battalion South Eastern Regional Command - The military command in Karen State and Mon State Terms and acronyms related to KNU KNU Karen National Union KNLA Karen National Liberation Army (KNU’s army) KNDO Karen National Defense Organisation (KNU’s militia) KNU administration zones in Karen State and Tenasserim Division (Civil adminstration and corresponding military command) 1. Thaton District - Brigade 1 2. Taungoo District - Brigade 2 3. Nyaunglebin District - Brigade 3 4. Mergui/Tavoy District - Brigade 4 (in Tenasserim Division) 5. Papun District - Brigade 5 6. Duplaya District - Brigade 6 7. Paan District - Brigade 7 District Administration Township Village Tract Village Other acronyms EGAT EPDC NMSP KNPLF Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Electric Power Development Company (Japanese company) New Mon State Party (in Mon State and Tenasserim Division) Karenni National People’s Liberation Front (in Karenni State)

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