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Damming at gunpoint(English Version)


CONDITIONS AROUND THE PLANNED DAM SITES 59 in the area. Maintaining full-time teachers is another challenge for the villagers. Teachers therefore have to earn their living like the rest of the villagers, farming their own land. According to a local community development worker, most of the communities in the area have set up village projects to support education programs, for example, setting up revolving funds (such as to run a small retail shop) to provide a salary for teachers. The highest class of schools in the area is fourth standard (primary) where children will read and write Karen and study basic arithmetic. It is hard for school children to continue their studies after finishing the highest classes in their villages since they have to go outside their villages if they do so. According to a field report of KRW, only 40 percent of the children who finish schools locally will travel to other places for higher classes. A child among IDPs hiding around the planned dam sites. PHOTO: KRW(2003)

60 DAMMING AT GUNPOINT PHOTO: KRW (2004) Villagers around the Wei Gyi area conducting an animist ceremony calling on the local spirit to protect their lands and water. The ceremony was held opposite the EGAT feasibility study site.

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