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Damming at gunpoint(English Version)


IMPACTS OF THE DAM 69 PHOTO:KRW(2004) Rice Pot: The Salween serves as a rice pot for villagers in the area. Fishing is one of their sources of income. This fisherman earned 240 baht for selling this fish. The amount is enough to buy 2 tins (32 kg ) of rice that enough for two adults for one month.

70 DAMMING AT GUNPOINT Conclusion and recommendations This report has shown that villagers in Karen State have already been paying the cost of the “cheap electricity” EGAT has been planning for Thailand. They have had to suffer the Burmese regime’s atrocities in its offensives to take control of the area. The population along the Salween river bordering Thailand and Burma has been forced out by the regime’s offensives and thousands of them have had to flee to Thailand while thousands are striving to survive as IDPs. It is clear the regime has no intention of consulting and heeding the voices of the local population in the decision-making process regarding the project, as prescribed by the World Commission on Dams. On the contrary, they are in the process of annihilating them, using forced relocation, torture and killing. Thus, under the convenient guise of “development” the regime is proceeding with its brutal policies against the Karen people. What is more, it is managing to do so with the complicity and financial support of the dam construction industry and neighbouring governments. It is therefore urgently needed for the international community to reevaluate their support for development programs currently being implemented by the regime in Burma 30 . Without political reform and restoration of the basic rights of citizens throughout the country, such programs will inevitably be exploited by the military rulers and will inflict further suffering on the peoples of Burma. Therefore, Karen Rivers Watch make the following recommendations: To the SPDC • To immediately stop its atrocities against the people in Karen State and withdraw its troops from the entire area. 30 “... [C]onditionally, I don’t think the international aid and international investment to the country has to be changed before the condition of political participation of other forces in this endeavor.” UNCHR Special Rapporteur for Burma, Mr Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, Interview with Democratic Voice of Burma radio, November 5, 2002)

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