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Damming at gunpoint(English Version)

Acknowledgements We

Acknowledgements We would like to thank various organisations and individuals involved in the publication of this report. We firstly would like to thank senior research fellows from the Institute of Education and Development Studies (IEDS) for their advice in developing a research framework and initial proof reading, the South East Asia Rivers Network (SEARIN) and the Rivers Watch East and South East Asia (RWESA) for financial support for research, members of the Salween Watch coalition for their editing assistance, and the Peace Way Foundation (Burma Issues) for helping produce video interview records. We would also like to thank our coalition member organisations for letting us use their equipment and office space, and individual members who patiently helped gathering facts during the research, villagers from Salween Eyes (SEE, a local people’s organization opposing dams on the Salween), our friends from Brigade 5 and Papun District Administration who gave us information on political, social, economic and military issues of the district and the Backpack Health Worker Team (Karen) for sharing some of its health documents. Our warm thanks go to Padoh Mahn Sha and Padoh Htoo Htoo Lay from the KNU’s Central Executive Committee, for their moral as well as logistical support for our work. Karen Rivers Watch Coalition Kawthoolei i

Map 1: States and Divisions of Burma ii

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