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14082018 - POPULATION GROWTH : Danger looms for Nigeria

Vanguard Newspaper 14 April 2018

90—SATURDAY Vanguard,

90—SATURDAY Vanguard, APRIL 14, 2018 ALLEGED MURDER OF NIGERIAN ARTIST, DAUGHTER BY DANISH MAN : Subtle move to whisk suspect to Denmark uncovered •Peter Nielsen is innocent, we have our proof- Lawyer •Late Petra Nielsen she would attend to her. By the time I woke up around 7am, I saw the bodies in the kitchen with a strong smell of gas” , he stated. But 13- year-old Gift’s statement countered Nielsen’s, as she claimed that her sister was killed during a fight with her husband that fateful day. According to her “The incident happened over night, after my late sister had finished preparing food for her husband. The housemaid went to her own room to sleep after cooking and I was the last person to leave the kitchen. After a while, there was a fight between my sister and her husband in the bedroom. I heard her shouting ‘help,’ ‘help.’ I woke my younger sister up and asked her if she also heard the shout for help. “ I saw the man(Nielsen) hitting my sister’s head on the floor. I tried to rush outside to call neighbours to come to my sister’s rescue but discovered that the doors were all locked. By the time we got there later in the morning she was dead.” Police investigation into the matter showed marks of violence on the bodies . Speaking on the outcome of the investigation, the Lagos State Police Police Relations Officer, Chike Oti, a Superintendent of Police, said : “ Preliminary investigation conducted at the scene revealed that the violence that consumed the deceased persons started in the couple’s bedroom. But the bodies were dragged to the kitchen. “On closer examination, visible marks of violence were seen on the bodies. The corpses were photographed and evacuated to Lagos Island General Hospital for autopsy. Meanwhile, letters have been sent to the Embassy of Denmark, intimating it that Lagos State Police Command is investigating Mr. Peter Nielsen, a citizen of Denmark, for an alleged case of murder.” BY EVELYN USMAN •Late Zainab Nielsen Indications have emerged that there were subtle moves by some prominent Nigerians to whisk out of Nigeria the 53-year-old Danish man, Peter Nielsen, who was alleged to have murdered his 37-year-old wife, Zainab Nielsen and their four-year old daughter, Petra, at their Banana Island , Ikoyi residence in Lagos, last Thursday. This is because Nielsen as reliably gathered, is connected with some acclaimed high and mighty . Among them are serving governors, ministers and other public office holders. The citizen of Denmark, is a Chemical Engineer who also has a Bachelor of Science in Commerce. He has worked in the field of Processing Agricultural products for 15 years. Information at Vanguard’s disposal showed that Nielsen was sent to Nigeria in 2011 by his company – CARGIL, to work with one of the ministers, on an agricultural project. He is also working for a governor in the northern part of the country on a similar project. Further findings revealed that the Danish established a large cassava firm of 650 hectares in the Niger-Delta region and has also signed a letter with some international partners operating in Nigeria, to invest in agricultural projects. As at the time of his arrest , he was working for one of the South South states on an agricultural project. Vanguard reliably gathered that when news of his alleged involvement in his wife and daughter’s killing filtered round, moves were made to down play the incident, by preventing it from appearing public. But the moves were thwarted by media hype and continuous follow -up until the suspect was charged to court on Wednesday. There was also untold story of what happened when mother and child were discovered dead in their flat 17, block 4 apartment at Bellasta Towers. Vanguard learned that when the alarm was raised by the deceased’s younger sister, Madaki Gift and people gathered the suspect was beaten to a pulp before the arrival of policemen from Ikoyi division , who rescued him. As at the time he was taken to the station, he reportedly had blood shot eyes and an injury in one of his fingers. From Ikoyi division, he was transferred to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, SCIID Yaba, where further investigations which included an autopsy report to ascertain the exact cause of death and a visit to the scene of crime were carried out. Thereafter, he was charged to the Yaba Magistrate court 2 on Wednesday , on a two count charge bothering on murder and remanded in the Ikoyi prison till May 8 2018. Who killed Alizee and Petra The poser at the moment , remains who killed Alizee and her innocent and harmless daughter Petra? The man at the center of controversy, Nielsen, has continued to maintain that he knew nothing about the murder, insisting •Peter Nielsen and late wife rather that he woke up that fateful day to see the corpses in their kitchen, with a strong emission of gas , suggesting that they could have been suffocated by gas. Narrating his last moment with is family, Nielsen said : “ My late wife and I stayed awake late into the night. We watched a football match between Real Madrid and Liverpool. We were together until 3am when our daughter came out of her room, calling for attention. My wife told me to go and sleep because I have been with our daughter the previous night and that Nielsen is innocent-lawyer However, on his part, Nielsen’s lawyer, Frank Udoka, stated that his client was innocent of the offense. He said :” It is important for us to note that the right guaranteed under chapter four of our constitution is called Human right, not Nigerian right. And every human is entitled to it. So, there is a presumption of innocence until the court decides otherwise. Our job as lawyers is not just to defend but also to help with the administration of justice. It is important to know that Mr Nielsen is also a victim in this matter because he has lost a wife and daughter. “We are trying to find out exactly what happened and we have cooperated with the Nigeria Police in their investigation. And we believe that they will look at all angles. They should look at the CCTV cameras installed in estate where this incident happened. It is their job to look at them and we have every reason to prove that what the CCTV cameras are saying is consistent with what our client said. There are a lot of dimensions to the investigation and in the interest of fairness and justice, it is proper that we look at all sides.” At the moment, the Police tend to have concluded their investigation, even though the results of the autopsy carried out on the victims and the DNA test were not made public. As the case continues in court, we gathered that there were moves by some prominent Nigerians to secretly whisk the Danish engineer back to his country. It is expected that that perpetrator/s of this dastardly act will not only be be exposed but also made to face the wrath of the law no matter how highly placed they are.

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