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Equity Magazine April 2018


ENTREPRENEUR The reason we launched SHA is because my father recovered from a very serious illness when he was in his 50s, solely by changing his diet 16 EQUITY

ENTREPRENEUR East, Europe and South America visiting quite often too. Nowadays, SHA is booked pretty much year-round. “We’ve been working with the same intensity since the beginning, and always want to be a leader in the industry. The clinic initially launched with 20 rooms and now we have over 80. We also restyled all the suites, which is quite rare for a company that’s only ten years old.” As we sip Kukicha tea - one from their signature collection that has over 15 times more calcium than a glass of milk, and keeps the body alkaline - I learn that there’s plenty in store for SHA. “We are launching SHA residences which is very important to us as we have followed sustainable construction practices, and placed health and wellbeing at the forefront. Everything from the orientation to the air you breathe, the water and lighting, it’s all sustainable. It allows you to leave the SHA experience feeling like you were at a home away from home, which is great for those who stay for a month or so,” he says. I briefly chat to Dr. Ribero who goes into detail about their cognitive unit, another highlight that commemorates the tenth anniversary. Those visiting SHA get to experience cognitive treatments that combine techniques from the East and West. “What we have is a different approach to stimulate the brain. With these gadgets, you can measure exactly the biological We’ve been working with the same intensity since the beginning, and always want to be a leader in the industry impulses, to measure if you are stressed, sleeping well, or relaxed. That’s the diagnosis point but we also have an intervention point wherein we can give you energy,” he says. The minute a guest is diagnosed with a lack of attention or memory; a certain head gear is used to give electrical impulses to stimulate the area of the brain that’s related to what needs to be improved. “It’s very new technology and something that Harvard Medical school has been working on for years,” says Dr. Ribeiro. The main objective is to treat neurological and psychological diseases such as depression or anxiety; as well as neurodegenerative diseases that enhance the cognitive capability of guests who have suffered traumatic injury or a stroke. SHA Wellness Clinic isn’t merely a business for the family. It’s a lifestyle, their passion, and one filled with experience and fond memories. The location itself is testament to this. “The infinity pool is where our pool used to be, so we always remember our childhood. My mother always wanted us three brothers to create a home each, to spend holidays there. That obviously didn’t happen as everything was demolished to build this 6,000 square metre retreat,” says Alejandro. With the launch of SHA Residences, their mother’s dream is coming through in a way, even if it’s just as a rental. 17 EQUITY

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