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Equity Magazine April 2018

TEQUITY❤EQUITY❤EQUITY❤EQUITY❤EQUITY❤EQUITY❤EQUITY❤EQUITY❤EQUITY❤EQUITY❤EQUI WELLBEING WELLNESS talk Keep fit with the latest in wellbeing trends in the city Meet Amir Siddiqui, founder of Symmetry Gym, one of Dubai’s most exclusive facilities for personal training. Here, the fitness expert answers topical questions to suit our busy lifestyles Q A My schedule is quite stressful nowadays, and when I do make it to the gym in the evening, I feel quite exhausted after. I eat clean and exercise daily. Do you have any tips on how to beat lethargy after? Remember, ritualisation + routine + regimentation = results. Don’t think it’s just about driving to the gym. Prep mentally by telling yourself that you will only do one exercise, and if you feel like training afterwards, go ahead. Give yourself permission to say no, whenever you feel like it, and you almost never will. Secondly, having a pre-workout coffee en route the gym will give you the energy you need to hit the gym hard. And don’t worry, being tired after is natural – you just exercised after all. Embrace it, have a meal, and go straight to bed. Y❤EQUITY❤EQUITY❤EQUITY❤ VIBE FITNESS DUBAI DUBAI INVESTMENT PARK (DIP) An intimate boutique fitness studio complete with LED lights – it doesn’t get more exciting than this when it comes to exercise. If you, like us, prefer an energetic class, this is the place to visit. Men and women can try LunarFlow Yoga which takes place on the outdoor terrace (while the weather permits), and a range of workouts including BodySculpt, RhythmRide, PartyAtTheBarre, BootyBootcamp and plenty more. We reviewed FightFit, as a way of getting back into boxing. The class begins with Kamran guiding you through a quick stretch and warm-up followed by the fundamentals of boxing: the jab, hook, undercut and finally, sparring - to try your moves on a partner. The focus then shifts to kickboxing, where you learn how to position yourself and do a roundhouse kick and push forwards – handy self-defense techniques. Each boxing round is interspersed with squats and push-ups. Finish the class with crunches, mountain climbers and long deep stretches before you help yourself to water, or head to the dressing room to freshen up. To view the class schedule, visit 38 EQUITY

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