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Equity Magazine April 2018


TREATMENTS INDULGE YOURSELF Tried-and-tested experiences of the month The venue: THE CHIRON CLINIC The service: Facial and body acupuncture The verdict: “De-puff your face,” those were the words that persuaded me into trying facial acupuncture. I was aware that it wouldn’t hurt. Having done everything from laser to lip fillers prior to this, acupuncture was a treatment I knew I would see instant results, not just on the surface, but from the inside. Dr. Lanalle, Founder of The Chiron Clinic, sat me down to explain the process. Facial and body acupuncture is an invasive organic treatment that is slowly gaining popularity. We learn that most women try it out as a beauty treatment, however, after achieving great results, continue to do so due to the benefits. After analysing my skin, I was informed that if I continued with facial acupuncture twice a year, I wouldn’t need botox in the future. At the bed, my ears were pricked first with fine sterile needles to calm the body. My face was then pulled up, all the way from my chin to the head, to prick the scalp with three needles. The area that had a little discomfort was below the jawline, and I was told this is either due to a blockage of energy or because I grind my teeth a lot. My kidney energy was analysed during the process, through my pulse, and I was given tips on how to increase it – have around 20 goji berries a day, and brisk walk or jog. My legs, feet and arms were pricked too. Once done, I was asked to rest for 20 minutes to allow the needles to improve blood and energy circulation, increase natural collagen production and diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin. Other benefits include calming regular breakouts, controlling rosacea by reducing redness, and tightening and toning of the skin. My skin felt refreshed, as though I had a sound eight-to ten-hours sleep. I did notice a slight lift as well, with my jawline now being a bit sculpted. To notice drastic improvement, you obviously have to continue the sessions. There’s no doubt I’m going back, not just for acupuncture, but for their DNA-age test and a full-body massage too. Think of The Chiron Clinic as your one-stop-shop to heal the body. Walk in, explain your problem – be it digestion, irregular sleep patterns, weight loss difficulty, or body misalignment – and Dr. Lanalle and her team have a solution. V Need to know: The facial acupuncture is Dhs400, while the body acupuncture is Dhs600. Contact +9714 349 7444 40 EQUITY

TREATMENTS Need to know: Colour starts from Dhs580, while the cut begins from Dhs300. Call +9712 645 3313 or +9714 330 0073 The venue: ROSSANO FERRETTI The service: Hair makeover (Cut and Balyage) The verdict: I’m the kind of woman who colours her hair – almost always dark brown – perhaps once every year, or two, and gets a haircut approximately every six months. I usually air-dry it and prefer it longer during winter and shorter during summer, and it doesn’t change much in between, apart from the layers that grow to one horrendous witch-like length. Obviously, no hair dresser is ever pleased to hear this. Which is why I was lucky to have the understanding and friendly Jennie by my side. Jennie confirmed it was fine if I didn’t brush my locks every day, just as long as I combed through in the shower while my conditioner was on, even if just with my fingers. However, she did mention that while she understands time is a luxury and hair appointments can be hard to schedule in, it’s a must every six weeks for healthy hair. When put in that manner, it seems worthwhile right? She took one look at my hair, condition, face cut and tone, asked if she could go a little lighter, and recommended a style instantaneously. Balyage was her choice, one that was apt for my hair movement and lifestyle. The treatment began with the colour being placed on, wrapped in foil and left to absorb. It was then washed off, with Olaplex – a turbo-charged conditioning treatment – added in to protect by hair. While I sat in the chair with my hair washed, conditioned and treatment on for an hour, I listened to music, read a few magazines and sipped on copious amounts of green tea with biscuits. Back to the styling chair and I was ready for my haircut. I know it’s time to cut my hair when it starts to feel heavy, and mentioned this to Jennie. Her solution? Add layers at the back to make it feel much lighter thereafter. A few inches off, glossy beach-wave style blow-dry and I was ready to head out to my events. 41 EQUITY

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