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Equity Magazine April 2018


COLLECTOR'S ITEM GADGETS Bang & Olufsen WOOD EDITION BEOVISION ECLIPSE TV This handsome piece of technology complements any art-deco units of furniture you place alongside it in your living room. That’s mainly because of an elegant strip of oak between the OLED screen and the base which serves as the cover for the integrated three-channel SoundCenter speaker bar. The Wood Edition TV is designed in collaboration with Torsten Valeur of David Lewis Designers. The Wood Edition is available in options of a 55-inch screen and a 65-inch screen – when it comes to watching television, you don’t need us telling you that bigger is always better. If you’ve already bought an Eclipse TV recently and would like to have the wood panel installed, B&O are retailing the oak panel for $1,295. $10,995 (DHSDHS40,300) AT BANG-OLUFSEN.COM 48 EQUITY

COLLECTOR'S ITEM Razer PROJECT LINDA At this year’s CES, Razer unveiled a concept called Project Linda. The 13-inch laptop is powered by the company’s own Razer smartphone which is docked into the hollowedout slot otherwise used as a trackpad on a conventional laptop. The already in-production Razer Android smartphone packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU which serves as the processor, RAM, operating system and the source of the laptop’s apps, and can be used as a second screen as well as a touchpad for the laptop. There’s no word yet on the pricing or on a specific release date, though expect to see it debut soon. FIND OUT MORE ON RAZERONE.COM Radinn G2X ELECTRIC SURFBOARD The self-propelled electric wakeboard from Swedish startup Radinn can cruise over the surface of the water at speeds of up to 36mph. The G2X is a battery-powered waterjet that comes with a waterproof remote control which allows you to control the device while standing atop of it. The remote also displays the battery life. At its top speed, you can stay out on the water for up to 25 minutes. But Radinn also supplies an extra battery pack, that can be swapped on the go, and will keep you out there for 10 minutes longer. The board weighs only 88.2 pounds and once you lug it out of the water, it’ll charge up in just two hours – before you’re ready to go out on the water again. $12,000 (DHS44,000) AT RADINN.COM HPC TYPHOON PRO E-BIKE Although this latest creation from Hi-powered Cycles has the vibe of a dirt bike, it is more accurately described as an electrically-assisted pedal bicycle. The suspension is custom-tuned to your weight. There are up to eight-inches of travel on those rugged DVO front forks. You can have the bike fitted with either a 6,000w- or a 7,000w-motor, generating up to 160Nm of torque and a top speed of 42mph. There are also Magura hydraulic disc brakes to rein in that speed. The lithium-ion battery gives the bike a range of 100 miles, though if you’re going to be riding at an average of 18mph, you’d get a range of 70 miles. To extend the range, HPC also gives you the option to install an 1800- and 2,400-watt-hour battery. $11,500 (DHS42,200) AT HI-POWERCYCLES.COM 49 EQUITY

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