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Equity Magazine April 2018

T he e s s e n c e o f A

T he e s s e n c e o f A r a b i a Bab Al Qasr Hotel 64 EQUITY

HOTEL REVIEW STAY OF THE MONTH Take a road-trip to Six Senses Zighy Bay for a secluded escape by the ocean By Nicola Monteath Musandam, just two hours away from Dubai, is a governorate of Oman that can be easily accessed by road. The path is rugged, and you may feel like you’re lost as soon as you cross the border – the hotel arranges your visa, which is handed over to you at the checkpoint – but there’s something about Musandam that lures travellers in. You immediately notice the change in scenery, the corniche waters are blue as ever, with small buildings along the side of the road, every shop being either a laundry, restaurant or service outlet. There’s something about this quaint city. As we drove through the steep mountains to get to the hotel at the foot of the cliffs, the pristine crystal waters came into view. The journey is about 20 minutes long – be prepared for a bumpy ride. 65 EQUITY

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