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Every once in a while,

Every once in a while, we would stop the car for a nature break.This was a rest stop in Slovenia.

View of King’s Landing! Have you ever heard of Dubrovnik? Not me! At least I hadn’t until this trip. Dubrovnik is one of the few walled cities I have ever visited. It’s also where Game of Thrones is filmed. You might recognize Kings Landing as you walk through the streets. (Don’t worry Jeff, I got you a T-shirt.) We stayed overnight at a small hotel called Hotel Stari Grad. The bottom floor has a reception and a small bar with a fantastic bartender from Budapest. This guy can make virtually any drink. The first through fourth floors each has one room on the right and one on the left. Therefore, this boutique hotel only has eight rooms for full occupancy. The top floor is a restaurant named Above5 with about four 4-top tables and six 2-tops served by one waiter and one chef - top of the world in every sense of service and tastes. I never knew sunny side up eggs could taste so amazing. Think of it. Eggs, bread, and a bit of bacon. Cooked to perfection! It’s amazing. I could have stayed there all day long. The Wall Since the entire city is enclosed by a wall, there are no vehicles allowed. Perhaps there are a few service vehicles, but it’s predominantly pedestrian. The ladies walked along the entire wall while I slept in and had my amazing breakfast. (The picture above is from our lunch the day we arrived.) According to our waiter, don’t ever visit during the summer. He lives about 10 minutes outside of the wall. It takes him about 5 minutes to walk from the entrance of the wall to the hotel during the off season. During summer, there are so many people, it takes him a half hour to walk through the throngs of people from the entrance to the hotel. Wow. We didn’t give Dubrovnik enough time. We shopped, wandered, and visited several eateries, but it left me wanting more. Unfortunately, we had to fly back out of Zagreb. Zagreb is 6 1/2 hours away by highway. Put Dubrovnik (in the off season) on your bucket list. It’s impressive and memorable.

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