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THE TREASURE-HOUSE OF IMAGES Here beginneth the Book of the Meditations on the Twelvefold Adoration, and the Unity of GOD.

The Chapter known as The Perception of God that is revealed unto man for a snare s s s s s I s s s s s s s s s s adore s s s s s s s s s Thee by the s s s s s s s s Twelvefold Snare s s s s s s s s and by the Unity thereof s s s s 000. In the Beginning there was Naught, and Naught spake unto Naught, saying: Let us beget on the Nakedness of Our Nothingness the Limitless, Eternal, Identical and United: And without will, intention, thought, word, desire, or deed, it was so. 00. Then in the depts of Nothingness hovered the Limitless, as a raven in the night; seeing naught, hearing naught, and understanding naught: neither was it seen, nor heard, nor understood; for as yet Countenance beheld not Countenance. 0. And as the Limitless stretched forth its wings, an unextended unextendable Light became; colourless, formless, conditionless, effluent, naked, and essential, as a crystalline dew of creative effulgence; and fluttering as a dove betwixt Day and Night, it vibrated forth as a lustral Crown of Glory. 1. And out of the blinding whitness of the Crown grew an Eye, like unto an egg of an humming-bird cherished on a platter of burnished silver. 2. Thus I beheld Thee, O my God, the lid of whose Eye is as the Night of Chaos, and the pupil thereof as the marshalled order of the sphere. 7