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The 70s

The 70s Hadid’s travel extended to studying abroad, most notably she travelled to London to attend the London Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA). The experimental nature of 1970’s society was reflected in the school allowing students to try every class, leaving the decision in their hands. Elia Zengehlis & Rem Koolhaas (who she would later work with at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture Rotterdam Netherlands and remain lifelong friends) stood out to Hadid. Through their teachings she discovered the likes of Russian abstract painter Kazimir Malevich. Malevich’s compositions were inspirational to Hadid, and she even incorporated one of his Architektons (experimental architectural models) into one of her paintings. Malevich was also a pioneer in the Russian supremacism art movement, which would later influence Hadid’s work. Russia also played a further part in Hadid’s inspiration, through the constructivists, and more specifically, the works of Erich Mendelsohn, Mies van der Rohe, and Le Corbusier were particularly influential. UN building - North by Northwest “I love drivin it’s always fu ly, I don’t dr be driven.”- Z After completing her studies, she went on to teach at the same school she attended. Hadid would paint in the evenings and when she was not engrossed in Richard Gere’s American Gigalo, she would have North by Northwest, an Alfred Hitchcock film on in the background. It’s interesting to note the similarities between the mock up set design of the UN building and Hadid’s later works. The 1970s also saw the rise of the Punk movement, and although this was not seen as an exciting time by Hadid in terms of architecture, the rebellious nature of challenging the status quo as is associated with this movement, is clearly evident in her work. Cardiff Design Propo

Cardiff Malevich’s Architekton However, not all Hadid’s experiences were positive. One of the most important learning experiences was the events surrounding the Cardiff Bay Opera House. Although Hadid won this competition, the project failed to gain the financial support it required to come to fruition. Hadid being a female architect of Iraqi background, as well as the fact she was situated in London, would have attributed to this lack of support. This stigma followed Hadid for over a decade, with her losing most competitions in this time. She used this time to expand her repertoire, testing every option and entering every competition. She didn’t sleep for days on end and relied on the support of colleague Schumacher (who would remain supportive throughout Hadid’s career). This is a great stretch from the the beginning of their relationship, as initially they clashed heads, and Hadid threatened to fire Schumacher on a regular basis. g around east London - ll of surprises. Actualive myself - I like to aha Hadid sal by Zaha Hadid Zaha Hadid and Rem Koolhaas

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