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LONDON YEARS In 1980 Hadid embarked on her own London architectural practice. It started as one small room with four people and now employs hundreds at offices all over the world. London in the 80’s was a place of vast social and economic change. Unemployment soared, the political climate was tumultuous. Large soviet-esque council housing was built, and towered over the classical architecture of an older London. In part, Hadid’s designs were born of a desire to challenge this industrial style that was pervading the city. She seeked to equalise industry and the environment, by creating designs in harmony with nature. Through this initial practice she made extensive contributions in the form of designs both paper and realized, some of the most notable being: • (1982) (bottom Left), winning this put her on the map but unfortunately was never built. • (1993) (top right) a decade after winning the peak, was her first to be built (a far stretch from the chair she was originally commissioned to design by Rolf Fehlbaum) • (1994) (bottom right), previously discussed.

“I am equally proud of all of my architectural projects. It's always rewarding to see an ambitious design become reality.” - Zaha Hadid

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