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Imagine being able to push and pull the formation of materials to within breaking point, while still maintaing structural integrity... well that’s parametricism! Parametricism’s influence on modern design can be largely attributed to Hadid. The movement itself was popularized by her design company, and brought into modern culture. This latest form of architecture goes beyond the conventional use of rigid shapes. Instead, it pushes the boundaries of traditional architecture through non-linear formations. Thanks to advances in computer technology, information can now be fed into parametric programs, and multipilized and randomized to create a myriad of design possibilities. In this way, parametricism has revolutionized architecture. Without computer automation, these possibilities could not be comprehended, let alone graphically depicted at such a rapid rate. Elements are interlinked, one change informing the next and so on. These elements will not repeat and always vary, replicating the way nature deals with complexity.

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