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Feast Bay Area Morning Bulletin for Apr 15, 2018

Overcome Family Worries Talk 2: Homework

2 blessing blog

2 blessing blog Insurance underwriter Cody Organo, 27, shares his recent reconciliation with his father, Noel, an overseas worker from Abu Dhabi, and why he’s always teary-eyed at The Feast. I went through a gridlock towards hope, a detour towards faith and an intersection towards the right decision before I found myself at The Feast. My Feast story started when my partner required me to attend Bro. Bo Sanchez’s prayer event. Yes, required is the word. I’ve heard about The Feast Bay Area a few years back but I always turned down my friends’ invitations for one reason or another. As the cliché goes, there’s always a right time for everything, including our walk with God. And mine began on September 17, 2017 –the first time I stepped inside the Plenary Hall of PICC. As a novice Feaster, I observed my fellow attendees, noting some were teary-eyed during praise and worship. I, myself, ended up crying upon reflecting on the message of the songs. My Blunders in Life I jumped from one job to another without even considering the quagmire of financial obligations I have. It is deeply rooted in the financial burden I inherited from my dad who abandoned our family in 2003. I sacrificed a lot to help my mother financially and otherwise. I hated my father and made sure he knew. During a confrontation, I hurt his feelings to which he said, “If you can’t respect me as your father, at least respect me as a person.” Since then, he stopped communicating with us. Despite what he did, I knew he didn’t deserve my disrespect. He was still my father after all. I searched for him but was nowhere to be found. I was in chaos for years. I couldn’t find a job I liked. I became unemployed for quite some time. I tried selling viands in one office while working in the life insurance industry. Without knowing anything about overseeing a salon, I managed my cousin’s. Mind you, it’s extremely hard! My New Life Since I started joining The Feast, I would always write specific prayer requests and thanksgiving messages on my love offering envelope. I’d write things like, a new full-time job, new life insurance clients, good health for me, my partner and our families and friends, and anything that I can think of, including a reconciliation with my father. What Makes You Cry? REUNITED. After 15 years of separation, Cody Organo and his father, Noel, are making up for the lost time. The last one I wrote without much expectation. But who would have thought the Lord would grant it so soon! Last February, I found out from Facebook that my dad arrived from Abu Dhabi. My cousin posted a photo of my aunt with my father in the background. He only met with my aunties and cousins. I got in touch with my aunt and told her I already apologized to my father several times and totally forgave him a long time ago. All I want is to see him in person and hug him and talk to him. Dad agreed. That day we met at the hotel lobby was like a scene from a teleserye. We made amends and hugged. Thank God. Also, I now have the full-time job I prayed for. And I know all these things happened because of my faith. Why do you cry at The Feast? For me, I admit I would still be in tears during praise and worship as if it was my first time. And it’s simply because I’m reminded of God’s goodness. I am a living testament to how wonderful our Lord is. Grateful for His blessings, I’ve committed to being here every Sunday and I hope I can inspire more people to join our spiritual community. Like Cody, share your inspiring Feast story to our readers. Email us at iamblessedatthefeast@gmail. com. Do you want to deepen your relationship with God? Join fellow Feasters in a light group or LG. To know more about it or to sign up, visit the LG booth at the lobby today.

◀ Serve with us. Ministry Fair happens today at the PICC Bridgeway. Bless others with your time and talent. Sign up today. “ In whatever season, we are called to have the faith of a child. “ -Bro. Mon Reyes tells Youth High for Talk 1: Childlike. ◀ Scenes from last sunday ◀ Advice to parents: Love your children equally. Don’t play favorites. Gospel Reading According to John 20:19-31 > Jesus Appears to His Disciples RECAP “A sacred encounter between man and God was made possible through our wounds.” – Fr. Alex Balatbat Through the wounds we carry, we come to know God in a deeper way. Whatever season we may be in, He loves us and is always present in our moments of laughter, tears, misery, joy and even in the midst of our suffering. Overcoming Family Worries Talk 1: Homesickness “See beyond what our eyes can see.” – Fr. Michael Laguardia No one witnessed the Lord rising physically but we believe in Him because we sense this truth in our hearts, where our Savior lives. Big Message: God is with me. At times, we feel isolated and depressed especially when we are unable to feel God’s presence and are in dire need of His guidance. Such situations, called homesickness, are more commonly experienced by our dear OFWs. For those compelled to go abroad for economic reasons or otherwise, always remember that God is Global! He’s always right beside you and is also with your loved ones wherever they may be. His grace overflows which means, His blessings and His love are chasing after you. Never play favorites. Parents, give your children equal love and attention. Favoring one from the other causes entitlement, envy and enmity among the siblings as with Joseph and his brothers in the Bible. Don’t brag, bless. Never boast of your blessings, especially material things. Bragging is for the insecure and will only gain you enemies. Instead, be humble and serve others. A blessing and a curse are made of the same raw materials. But if Christ is the center of your life, no curse can harm you. And blessings will be chasing after you. Whatever circumstances you may be in right now, especially if you are worried, anxious and afraid, know that God is telling you, I am here. 3

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