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'Poiema, God's Workmanship' by Samuel Tai - Preview

'Poiēma' means 'workmanship'; it speaks of the mastery of the Master on His masterpiece; it also speaks of God's eternal workmanship on His elect from eternity before Genesis to eternity after Revelation. 'Poiēma, God's Workmanship' presents a biblical vision of God's divine masterplan which He carried out in Christ Jesus. It traces the ancient pathways of God through the ages, from Eden to the new heaven and new earth. It studies the image of Christ that God had authored, and will make perfect, in His elect from the day of creation until the day of Christ Jesus. It brings the transcendent nature of God and His Spirit of truth to bear on His Church and His Kingdom for the summing up of all things in Christ. 'Poiēma, God's Workmanship' is systematic theology made easy. Not only will it bind us together in the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, it will also be the anchor of our soul, preventing us from being tossed here and there by waves of false teachings, or being carried about by every wind of deceptive doctrine. Let us swim into deeper depths, and soar onto higher heights, by the Spirit of truth. Let us be the 'poiema' of God! 'Poiēma, God's Workmanship' is available in both paperback and e-book formats.

Grace and Grace ??

Grace and Grace ?? Baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit ?? Partnership with the Spirit of Jesus and the Holy Spirit ?? 6. SIN AND REDEMPTION ?? Justification of the Elect and Redemption from Sin ?? Setting Apart from Sin and Perversity ?? The Book of Life ?? Saving the Whole World ?? The Patience of God ?? The Day and Hour of Christ's Return ?? The Free-Will of Man and Sovereignty of God ?? Grace in Election ?? 7. THE LOVE OF GOD ?? Seven Dimensions of Love ?? Does God Hate? ??

The Basis of ‘Agapē’ Love ?? Sufferings in the World ?? 8. SECURITY OF OUR ELECTION ?? Security of Election ?? Losing the Election ?? Temporal Elections ?? Our Response to Election ?? Our Response to Evangelism ?? Books of Remembrance ?? The Narrow Gate ?? 9. THE AUTHOR AND PERFECTER OF FAITH ?? Our Perfect Faith is His Perfect Workmanship ?? The Perfecting Process ?? We Shall Be Like Him ?? Cease Striving with the Perfecter ??

Poiema, God's Workmanship - Preview
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