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RGV Life Magazine Issue#4

The latest edition of RGV Life Magazine

Page13 Woman of the Year

Page13 Woman of the Year BERTHA GARZA Zonta’s Woman of the Year 2018 Z onta Brownsville recently held their Annual 2018 Woman of the Year Dinner at the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Brownsville North and let me tell you, they made the perfect choice this year in choosing Bertha Garza. As I stood there, holding my camera, waiting for that perfect shot, people that came to the podium to honor this incredible woman had nothing but amazing things to say about her. The way she was honored about all of her philanthropic ventures and her kind-heartedness really put a lump in my throat. As she walked up to receive her awards her face blushed with humbleness and her eyes filled with tears. She is a very special to have a great life in the RGV. She was characterized as “Super Mom” by her son as well as a quick joke about being their CURANDERA.. This woman is just one of those people that was placed on this Earth to make everyone's lives better. She has accomplished that goal. Congratulations!! Mrs.Garza it was both an honor and a privilege to be a small part of this amazing event. She is loved and cherished by many. She changes people’s lives on a daily basis. Her heart will not allow her to turn anyone away, and her soul is what keeps her going day in and day out. Thank you Mrs. Bertha Garza for being such an inspiration to many. By: Roger Davila

Page14 ART IN THE RGV LITTLE GIA PEREZ WOWS THE CROWD AT A SAN ANTONIO SPURS GAME WITH HER DANCING Gia Perez San Antonio’s Little Sister here in the RGV Gia Perez had never attended an NBA Game much less a San Antonio Spurs Game, but when she was taken by her parents for that one game, well the rest is history. Gia’s dad, Guillermo Perez, a sales representative at a local car dealership sat for countless hours looking for the right weekend getaway for his family. He decided that taking his family to a San Antonio Spurs basketball game would be ideal. It’s only a few hours away and the kids would absolutely love it. Little did he know that upon purchasing those tickets his world would be completely changed by that weekend getaway. As the family arrived to San Antonio and after a ruthless commute to the event center, the crowd was going absolutely crazy as the Spurs Dance Team began to pump up the crowd before the game... and here enters Gia.. Gia Perez jumped in and danced her way to stardom. Over a hundred thousand views on Twitter and YouTube alone. This remarkable little girl captured the hearts of the people of San Antonio by doing what she loves best. After appaearing on tv and having all of this fame thrust upon her Little G, as she likes to be called, still remains a humble little girl that loves the Spurs, basketball, baseball and of course her family. I happen to work with Gia’s father so I get to see her smiling little face as she walks in to see her dad after school sometimes and let me tell you, she is as humble as can be. Fame didn’t go to her head as most would figure. Little G will always be San Antonio’s Little Sister, but she will will also be the RGV’s Little Angel. Look at some of her dancing videos as well as follow her on Twitter. You will be seeing more from Gia, I guarantee she is not done yet. By: Roger Davila