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RGV Life Magazine Issue#4

The latest edition of RGV Life Magazine


Page15 RGV Life Magazine Spotlight Out on the Streets Nathan Rios N athan Rios, is a local boy that has a unique obsession. Not unique in the sense that no other person has this obsession, but unique in the fact that Nathan suffers from a disability that ordinarily, under any other circumstances, would not allow someone to enjoy. Nathan is blind and well he is an avid runner. What drives Nathan? What inspires Nathan? How does he keep going when he is ill or tired? Very simple answer to those questions, DETER- MINATION AND PASSION!! s I have had the pleasure of meeting Nathan and seeing him participate in many, if not most of the running events in our community. Does his disability stop him from going? NO, in fact it has sparked a passion in his parents as well. They get up and join him in the runs the obstacles and the determination to get it done. While most of us sit at home on our laptops (as I am doing now lol) Nathan is thinking about what run he wants to do as well. Does he allow his disability to stop him? In answer to that question let me just tell you what Nathan Rios does on his spare time. Running of course Tae Kwon Do And even plays the piano. Music seems to calm him at times as it does to all of us at one point or another. Special? How special is Nathan? His Heart of Gold is displayed at each and every event he attends. He is always ready to snap a selfie or Bless you with a smile. When Life gives you, lemons make lemonade. Nathan is a prime example of that very phrase. What is our excuse? What excuses do we make to not fulfill our dreams? Is it tough? Of course, it is. Does Nathan sometimes feel like giving up? I am sure he does as we all do but the dif ference is that he doesn’t give up. Nathan recently was ill but still choosing to get up, get dressed and run in the Harlingen Marathon. Again, I ask, what’s your excuse? Why are we so quick to throw in the towel when things get tough? Why can’t we just look passed our disabilities, our insecurities and just get up and Go? What passion drives Nathan? Nathan is one of those pure souls that Is just born with a sheer desire to succeed. Very few have it built into their soul. Nathan is one of those people. So, next time you see Nathan, snap a selfie with him. I am sure he would enjoy it. By Roger Davila

RGV Life Magazine... follow us on Facebook Page16 Ocelot 5k Run The 4th Annual Ocelot 5k Run held at the Gladys Porter Zoo was a huge success as usual. Sheralee Six and Javier Vasquez put on another great event. Thanks to all that participated both runners and volunteers. An incredible turnout for this years’ 4th Annual Ocelot Run at the Gladys Porter Zoo. 2018