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RGV Life Magazine Issue#4

The latest edition of RGV Life Magazine

CONT Editor's word

CONT Editor's word RGV Life Magazine began as simple idea between two individuals that wanted to bring out the everyday lives of the people that makeup the Rio Grande Valley. We are more than just drugs, more than corruption, more than immigration and of course more than cartels here in the Rio Grande Valley. We are a group of people that strive each and everyday to be better. Better for our famiies, better for our neighbors and of course, better for ourselves. We get up everyday and go to work or school. Of course we are not perfect, but there are some people in the RGV that need to be recognized for what they do RGV Life Magazine is a publication that wants to spotlight the everyday people of the RGV that make a difference in not only their lives but the lives of others. That is why we created RGV Life Magazine. -Roger Davila 03 Carl Chilton Carl Chilton, made Tennis what it is today in Brownsville. 11 Luis Miguel A Musical Icon set to perform at the All New Bert Ogden Arena 17 Skin Cancer What are the risks of getting Skin Cancer or Melanoma. We give you some insights on how to lower your risks of getting this dreadful disease 18 Alma Elizabeth Ortiz Smart and Savvy: Making a Difference in San Benito 21 King of the Concrete Jungle Volkswagen has outdone itself with the introduccon of the totally re-designed 2018 Volskswagen Tiguan 15 Nathan Rios What inspires you? What gives you hope? We spotlight Nathan Rios Nothing Can Stop You!! ENT