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HydraFacial Collaborates with Zenoti on Client Membership Program

participating spas and

participating spas and clinics ong>withong> flexible, full-featured membership management. This partnership enables ong>HydraFacialong> to offer consumers a regular monthly membership to a skin-care program at the provider of their choice. Sudheer Koneru, CEO at ong>Zenotiong>, added: “ong>Zenotiong> has robust capabilities around membership management because we believe the winning business model for spas and skin clinics is providing a successful engagement experience for their customers. With monthly memberships, spas and clinics are able to ensure high success rates for their customers – all while increasing customer retention. We’re excited to work ong>withong> ong>HydraFacialong> and positively impact the skin business in a meaningful way.” In addition to providing membership management, ong>Zenotiong>’s software platform also helps spas and clinics perform better in other revenue generating areas, including lead management, opportunity follow-up, marketing, analytics and more. The all-in-one platform drives improved business performance and better experiences for customers. ABOUT HYDRAFACIAL Established in Southern California circa 1997, the ong>HydraFacialong> Company is a leading aesthetic device manufacturer, designing award-winning, patented skincare technologies and solutions. ong>HydraFacialong> is an advanced non-laser skincare system, offering a customizable procedure to help all faces, improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, congested skin, and brown spots. The company pioneered hydradermabrasion and now ong>HydraFacialong>® and Perk products are popular in over 75 countries around the world. For more information, visit the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or at ong>HydraFacialong>.com. ABOUT ZENOTI ong>Zenotiong> provides an all-in-one, cloud-based software solution for the spa, salon and med spa industry. The ong>Zenotiong> platform is engineered for reliability and scale, harnessing the power of enterprise-level technology for businesses of all sizes. ong>Zenotiong> powers thousands of spas and salons in over 50 countries. ong>Zenotiong> allows users to seamlessly manage every aspect of the business in a comprehensive mobile solution: online appointment bookings, PoS, CRM, employee management, inventory management, built-in marketing programs and more. ong>Zenotiong> helps clients streamline their systems and reduce costs, while simultaneously improving customer retention and spending. PDF generated automatically by the PDFmyURL HTML to PDF API

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