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Front What? Your front

Front What? Your front cover is going to be a character based on you. After all, great story teller knows the true identity of her or is character. Why? when a story teller makes their character, they will use the characters personality to choose what the character looks like so we get to know a little about the character. Top Tips: *Forget about what a real person looks like, use the shapes and colours to make a new and exciting person that best shows off your characters personality.

Activity 1 Cover Task: >Using the left side of drawer 1, create a face that best describes you as the character in your story. >Now, using the right side the of drawer make the full body! mix and match between the arms legs and torso. >Write one word that best describes you as the character. Example: are you shy? Then maybe your character has red cheeks and a very small, wiggly body or are you chatty and confident? then maybe your character is brightly coloured and has a very big mouth

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