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Mindful June 2017

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mindful june CONTENTS 68 46 28 PHOTOGRAPHS BY LEVER RUKHIN, GETTY IMAGES/KIM KULISH, GETTY IMAGES/ANDY RYAN, AND PLAINPICTURE/AURORA PHOTOS/LESLIE PARROTT “When I started this journey, I thought I was searching for a magical bag of tricks to help me turn dross into creative gold. But what I discovered was that creativity isn’t a fancy parlor game; it’s a more intimate way of relating to the world.” Hugh Delehanty on how mindfulness nurtures creativity, p. 54 54 ON THE COVER 30 HEALTHY MIND, HEALTHY LIFE 5 Ways to Kick Bad Habits 8 The Wisdom of Making Mistakes 36 Zapped at Work? 5 Tips to Boost Your Energy 41 How to Quiet Your Mind When Panic Strikes 44 Why Your Body Is Designed to Meditate 54 Trust Your Creative Brain & Give Your Inner Critic a Break 68 Anne Lamott on Radical Kindness June 2017 mindful 1

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