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Mindful June 2017


SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Immersed in nature. Designed to nurture. Your time at our state-of-the-art campus promises an experience like no other. Equal parts learning and vacation, your stay includes inspiring and relevant program sessions, daily wellness offerings, nourishing farm-to-table cuisine, holistic amenities, access to hiking trails, and more. Learn and Grow Get away for a weekend or five days of deep study with expert teachers. Expand your knowledge. Develop new skills. Explore your potential. Practice and Revitalize Weave meditation, yoga, or movement classes into your day. Calm the mind. Tone the body. Discover the pleasure of refreshing yourself. Harmonize Mind and Body Choose from a blissful array of massage, energy work, and therapeutic treatments at our Healing Arts Center. Soak in the vast, heated whirlpool overlooking the trees. Be Nourished Look forward to fresh, delicious, and lovingly served meals at the Kitchen Table—the culinary heart of campus. Dine indoors or al fresco. 1440.ORG/MINDFUL | 1-844-544-1440

SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Upcoming Program Highlights SEPTEMBER 1 – 3 Gabor Maté, MD IN THE REALM OF HUNGRY GHOSTS: REVISIONING TRAUMA, ADDICTION, AND HEALING Once we recognize the roots of addiction and the lack it strives (in vain) to fill, we can develop a compassionate approach that stands the best chance of restoring wholeness and health. SEPTEMBER 8 – 15 Sharon Salzberg, Judson Brewer, MD, PhD APPLIED MINDFULNESS: THE SCIENCE OF PRACTICE We live in a time when meditation and mindfulness are becoming widespread, teaching us tools for tapping into our capacity for authentic presence, stronger relationships, fulfilling work, and increased resilience and well-being. SEPTEMBER 15 – 17 Richard Davidson, PhD, Myoshin Kelley CALMING THE MIND AND OPENING THE HEART: THE PRACTICE AND SCIENCE OF MEDITATION We live in a fast-paced, demanding, and complex world. Meditation offers a reliable way to open our hearts and meet life with less anxiety, fear, and suffering. OCTOBER 6 - 8 Daniel Siegel, MD, Caroline Welch, MA, JD MINDSIGHT FOR LEADERS Emotional intelligence has powerful applications in all areas of life. During this inspiring weekend, you will master tools for sharpening leadership skills, creating harmony in personal and professional relationships, and focusing attention on desired outcomes. 1440.ORG/MINDFUL | 1-844-544-1440

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