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Mindful June 2017

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contents june 44 10 30 FEATURES Living Practices Departments 44 Take a Seat There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to meditation posture. We offer guidelines to help you find the right position for your body. 46 Meditation on Foot Leave your FitBit and pump-up music at home, and try out mindful running. This fresh approach to fitness tunes you in to your mind as well as your body. The result is a whole new experience of fitness. 54 The Mind Set Free Hugh Delehanty embarks on a creativity and mindfulness retreat, where he discovers that the key to being creative is to strip away all but the essentials of who and what you are. 68 Radical Kindness Renowned writer, devoted grandmother, and thought-provoker Anne Lamott shares her latest fascination with an act we rarely consider but desperately need: mercy. 72 Go Toward What Hurts Frank Ostaseski shares experiences from his decades working with dying people and those who are dealing with the death of loved ones. 22 Food A Tender Heart Béatrice Peltre takes a moment to appreciate one of her favorite vegetables: the artichoke. 28 Walk the Talk Intimately Mindful Psychotherapist and social worker Giselle Jones talks about using mindfulness to help people open up. 30 How to Live a Mindful Life Break the Chains 5 simple ways to make healthier habits. 34 Inner Wisdom The Power of Solitude Spending time alone with ourselves may not be easy or even desirable. But it’s key to getting to know who we really are. 36 Work-Life Balance Running on Empty? Every workplace harbors potential drains to creative energy. Do you recognize yours? 41 The Mindful FAQ Am I Doing This Right? The latest installment in our series of helpful answers to common meditator questions. 8 Point of View Err on the Side of Human Barry Boyce on why this year’s Academy Awards are a lesson in embracing your mistakes. 18 Brain Science True, False, or Hmm? The latest findings in psychology— about our deepseated thoughts, emotions, and behaviors—get a lot of media attention. Unfortunately, they often turn out to be flawed or false. 4 The Mindful Survey 10 Top of Mind 16 Mindful-Mindless 80 Bookmark This 88 MindSpace On our cover: Giselle Jones, social worker and psychotherapist. Photograph by Lever Rukhin. Hair/makeup by Alma Diffie. PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOJO OLDHAM AND MICHAEL PIAZZA, ILLUSTRATION BY COLLEEN MACISAAC 2 mindful June 2017

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