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Mindful June 2017

the mindful survey Your

the mindful survey Your Inner Artist Highlights from our reader survey on creativity What’s the most creative thing Have you ever dreamed of Does your creativity thrive in Then silence.” 64 % 36 % International Property Awards.” “‘Dancing On My Own’ by Robyn.” “Made a model of the solar system.” “Cooked awesome food that didn’t becoming an artist? peace or chaos? you’ve done? In peace: 61% “Got through a shopping trip with In chaos: 8% two young boys.” Doesn't matter: 31% “Wrote and performed my own acting monologue.” “Developed a software ERP system.” Do you have a song that pumps “At age three, I removed an entire box you up when you’re doing creative of tampons from their tubes, tacked work? them all on the wall over my parents' bed, then put all the tubes on my fingers “I prefer quiet.” and showed my mother.” “Anything delightfully cheesy.” “Raised children.” “‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem” “Built and owned the ‘best apartment YES NO “Random Spotify song. One song. in the world’ in 2009, according to the kill anyone.” Are you more creative by yourself “I wrote a novel.” What's your creative outlet or with others? “Sold String Cheese.” of choice? “Performance dancing in New York BY MYSELF WITH OTHERS in the '60s.” In order of popularity: “Designed a space suit.” 74 % 26 % “Created a complete aluminum casting foundry.” “Sang and danced in a West End musical.” 1 Writing 2 Cooking 3 Photography 4 Drawing 5 Textiles Do you believe creativity is learned or inherent? Learned: 14% Inherent: 46% Not sure: 40% 6 Dancing 7 Painting 8 Music 9 Acting Who is the most creative person you know, and why? “My son—he doesn't play by any of the ‘rules.’” “Leonardo da Vinci; he was creative on all levels. Even in science and the arts.” “My cat.” “Earth. She creates, and stays grounded.” 4 mindful June 2017

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