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Mindful June 2017

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eviews Bookmark This read…listen…download ATTENDING Medicine, Mindfulness, and Humanity Ronald Epstein, MD Scribner MARROW A Love Story Elizabeth Lesser HarperCollins A family physician and a professor at the University of Rochester School of Medicine, Ron Epstein has been working to improve how doctors treat others for decades. Together with colleague Mick Krasner, he has encouraged caregivers to pay attention to what’s happening in their own minds and bodies as they interact with patients—with particular attention to how they communicate and the quality of the time: Are they really “attending” or are they not quite all there? In 1999, Epstein launched a small revolution with “Mindful Practice,” a piece in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association. Ten years later, he and Krasner reported in the same journal on the results of their mindfulness work with doctors: They were more present, less stressed out, and more attentive to patients, and they incorporated mindfulness skills into their everyday lives. (See Mindful, October 2014: “The Doctor is Not Well.”) Now, Epstein has contemplated and compiled all he has learned from using the lens of selfawareness to view the health-care system and the lives of the people in it. Both analytically clear and empathic, he guides us to a vision of a new kind of doctor in a new system: covering everything from how doctors need to pay attention to their mindware (the thought processes they use to make diagnoses and decisions), using meta-cognition (being aware of your own thinking) to healing the healer (how to travel the path from burnout to resistance), to what makes a compassionate and humane health-care system (one where small acts of kindness can make “the unbearable bearable”). Attending is a long overdue book that needs to be read by doctors, caregivers, health administrators, and patients who care about human-centered medicine. When she learns she’s the perfect match for her sister’s bone marrow transplant to fight cancer, Elizabeth Lesser begins a life journey she never imagined. The cofounder of the Omega Institute and author of the best-selling book Broken Open, Lesser has been a seeker for her entire adult life and a benevolent chronicler of the human condition. But this experience she shares with her younger sister goes far beyond any Do mindful and money even belong in the same sentence? Money is such a scary thing, fraught with so much fear and emotion. And most advice about money offered in the mainstream media plays on that fear and anxiety: Are you prepared for retirement? Is your money working hard soul-searching she’s undertaken on the couch or on the cushion. Along the way, the sisters get the rare opportunity to truly explore—and heal—their past, and find themselves on a completely transformed field of friendship, and indeed, love. Beautifully written, deeply poignant in its honesty, this book is far more than a story about sibling relations; it’s a memoir about touching the marrow of life itself. MINDFUL MONEY Simple Practices for Reaching Your Financial Goals and Increasing Your Happiness Dividend Jonathan K. DeYoe New World Library enough for you? Are you spending too much? DeYoe’s approach to money is honest and free of hype. Money will never make us happy, he tells us right off. It’s merely a tool we need to use to live our life. That said, he goes on to offer very practical, non-preachy, down-to-earth counsel. 80 mindful June 2017

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