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Mindful June 2017


eviews THE WELL-TEMPERED CITY What Modern Science, Ancient Civilizations, and Human Nature Teach Us about the Future of Urban Life Jonathan F.P. Rose Harper Wave Jonathan Rose is a thinking person’s developer and a man who knows whereof he speaks. His grandfather and great-uncle founded a real estate company in New York in 1928, and his father and he and other members of his extended family have continued in the family business. For his part, Jonathan has distinguished himself by merging his development interests with concerns about the effect of the built environment on the natural world and on well-being. Together with his wife, he founded the Garrison Institute (one of the country’s leading centers for contemplative practice) and created its innovative Climate, Mind, and Behavior program. In this visionary book, Rose presents an urbanism that’s not merely aesthetic and practical. With concrete examples of both the good and the bad, he offers a plan for city-making that fosters community, vitality, and well-being in harmony with nature, not at its expense. THE WISDOM OF NOT KNOWING Discovering a Life of Wonder by Embracing Uncertainty Estelle Frankel Shambhala Estelle Frankel, a practicing psychotherapist and teacher of Jewish mysticism, has written a timely new book about daring to not know. Certainty in extreme situations, she says in a passage that resonates today, can lead to bigotry and hatred, which “thrive in environments where people are too certain—when they think they know the truth and consider their version of it to be the only valid perspective.” Too often we allow our fears to shape our imagination; this prevents genuine possibility from emerging in our lives, and holds us back from taking risks and venturing into the unknown. Frankel suggests that we should use our imagination to embrace the possibilities that not knowing can offer us, and as a result, “our lives and our consciousness expand.” ● 84 mindful June 2017

marketplace mindful marketplace Welcome to Mindful Marketplace, our catalog of unique products and services for people who want to live with more awareness and authenticity. Marketplace also provides an affordable and elegant way for advertisers to reach and engage our highly committed readers. To advertise in Mindful’s Marketplace, please contact us today! Marketplace Advertising Nancy Dengler 215-622-3092 Inspire Mindful Change Helping people make meaningful moments throughout their busy day. meaning to pause® bracelets gently vibrate every 60 or 90 minutes prompting you to pause, reflect on your intentions, and reframe your thoughts. Our hand-strung beaded bracelets are available in Natural Stone, Gemstones, Sandalwood, Sterling Silver, and more. Create a “personal pause” that inspires you by adding a word, phrase, or photo to your bracelet. Upon checkout, use our thank-you code BEMINDFULNOW to receive a 20% discount off your purchase. Release. Energize. Focus. 2017 Retreats and Workshops with Hugh Byrne Mind Bubbles: Exploring mindfulness with kids Daring Spirits' AMP, Active Meditation Practice, rewrites the rules of meditation. AMP teaches you active meditation techniques to use anytime, anywhere. Discover new levels of balance, mindfulness, and clarity. Bring the benefits of an active meditation practice to your life. Cultivate skills of mindfulness, compassion, and loving-kindness to change unhealthy habits and live with joy and peace in these challenging times. With Hugh Byrne, PhD, author of The Here-and-Now Habit. June 3: N.Y. Open Center, NY June 9-11: Kripalu Center, MA Sept 8-10: Omega Institute, NY Oct. 29-Nov. 3: 1440/Multiversity, CA Jan 20-27, 2018: Havana, Cuba retreat Mind Bubbles presents an easy way for young children to engage with their breath while noting thoughts and feelings passing and popping like bubbles. The book offers a fun, clear, and secular explanation of mindfulness that children and adults will understand and want to try. Get your AMP package here: June 2017 mindful 85

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