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Mindful June 2017

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marketplace A New Children’s Book on Mindfulness drive mindfully mirror hanger Mindful Sexuality Retreats A World of Pausabilities: An Exercise in Mindfulness is an inviting introduction to mindfulness for children. Sometimes we just need to take a pause — to stop, breathe, and take a moment for ourselves and to be mindful. The book is told in a rhyming verse and is beautifully illustrated. Readers will learn how to apply mindfulness to simple, everyday moments, and how days are filled with endless possibilities to take a pause. Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers that further discusses mindfulness and ways to introduce pauses into your child's life. Ages 4-12. To order: transform your car into a place of practice become aware of your triggers choose ‘not to react’ set a mindful tone for your day create a ripple effect traffic is a great teacher Use your sexual relationship as a transformational path. For couples that want a passionate, conscious and heart-full love relationship. Shift from performance to exploration Become a cooperative “Erotic Team” Heal sexual wounds and release shame – Mindfulness apps with Jon Kabat-Zinn Atlantic University: Graduate Programs in Mindful Leadership Experience the wisdom of a true pioneer and revered mindfulness teacher in your smartphone. Our three apps, JKZ Series 1, JKZ Series 2 and JKZ Series 3 for iPhone and Android, cover the entire Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) curriculum. All meditations are guided by Jon Kabat-Zinn himself. For more information on the apps and how to download them to your phone, visit: Mindful leaders know the value of attention; they pick up on reactions and biases more quickly, and they have learned the tremendously valuable ability of self-regulation. Atlantic University is a non-profit, nationally accredited university offering online graduate-level degree programs in Mindful Leadership that can be applied in any discipline. Our programs integrate body, mind, and spirit to inspire the best in ourselves and in others. Mindful Leaders transform lives, enrich communities, inspire organizations, and make the world a better place. In 30 seconds you can begin to change your future. Give us a call or visit our website. 800-428-1512 86 mindful June 2017

marketplace N The Magazine of Naturist Living Find Love Health and Happiness with Evolution Cards Cloud Meditation Bench Set Take “natural” to a new level where Body acceptance is the idea—Nude recreation is the way. The Naturist Society is a membership organization formed to help the human race become comfortable in their own skin. Request a FREE copy of N today and discover naturism. 800-886-7230 Law of Attraction Life Coach Kristie Scott shares her 53 whimsical and color charged Evolution Cards for your self-growth and daily pleasure. These graphically infused cards, inspirational words and original thought provoking messages, will center your focus to attract great health, meaningful experiences, rich relationships, abundant prosperity, and much, much more. For personal attention set up a coaching call with Kristie. Purchase today your exquisite quality, glossy finished 53-card deck for setting your intention and inspiring your evolution every day. Made in Vermont, Samadhi Cushions’ Cloud Bench supports a cross-legged posture: More comfortable than meditation in a chair Slightly inclined for the best meditation posture Bench cushions vary to adjust the height Includes a cushion and mat Portable. Easy assembly, 7 lb 800-331-7751 The nation’s newest learning destination– immersion workshops for integrated living Yoga Anytime - Online Yoga Videos Step out of busy. Dive into you. Yoga Anytime's Yoga Shows provide an immersive online yoga experience designed to deliver the yoga or meditation practice you crave on any given day. Good Morning Yoga will get you moving into your day, Yoga for Trauma shares practices and techniques to help navigate the effects of stress, and Heart of Yoga dives into the rich lineage of yoga philosophy. With over 60 shows and 1,500 videos to nourish your body, mind and heart, Yoga Anytime is your complete online yoga source. We're accessible from your TV, tablet, computer or smart phone. Try it free for 30 days with Code MARKET. 1440 Multiversity is the nation’s newest learning destination committed to delivering curriculum at the leading edge of cultural renewal, provoking inquiry, and enhancing well-being. Nestled in the California redwoods between Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley, we host world-renowned teachers in fields including mindfulness, leadership, neuroscience, yoga, the creative arts, and more. Diverse faculty in cutting-edge disciplines Weekend and 5-day immersion learning programs State-of-the-art campus Enriching amenities (yoga, meditation, nourishing cuisine) Located within easy reach of San Francisco See our four-page Advertorial in this issue. Get online. Plan your visit. June 2017 mindful 87

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