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La Paz Yacht Charters

Do you want to get the best deals on La Paz yacht charters? Then Island Cat is here to provide you exclusive service! With us, you will get the chance to explore the best deals on yacht charter in La Paz. We provide top-notch crew and a well-maintained, clean boat. To book a value for money yacht charter, send us an email today at!

Island Cat starts the

Island Cat starts the day off right for their guests, with door-todoor service at no additional charge. Guests are picked up in a comfortable, temperature controlled 18-seat charter van, and greeted with cold bottled water. The ride to La Paz offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and paradisiacal beaches to the west, while to the east, brown mountains dotted with cacti offer a reminder that Baja is indeed a desert. The ride is often an entertaining time for our guests as they get to know one another before spending a day of fun on the water together.

Arriving and boarding Island Cat brings an opportunity to meet the Captain and crew, including one-to-three deck hands (depending on the size of the group), a well-seasoned chef, and a marine biologist. As guests are briefed on the safety details of the ship by the Captain, a delicious breakfast and coffee and/or cocktails are served. Island Cat offers several adventurous options for our guests, each as fun and memorable as the other. Our remote beach excursions is a day of play and relaxation for guests, as we take them to an all-but-abandoned cove of clear blue water lapping against pristine white sands. Paddleboards and kayaks are offloaded and snorkel gear is handed out for guests to jump in, play and explore the warm Sea of Cortez. Time spent snorkeling with the sea lions of the area is a fun and educational time for guests, and our onboard marine biologist and snorkel leader champions the visit to the colony. The young sea pups are notoriously playful, and love flirting with snorkelers.

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