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8 th March Here I am

8 th March Here I am again, writing in Diary. Today it was raining..I stayed all day in house. I think my dog is upsed because of that but I was sooo lazy. My friend came over and we watched some documentaries about people in jail, like criminals and rapists. It was pretty interesting but it kind of scared me. Anyway, I hope the next day will be better because staying in bed all day is boring, and my dog doesn’t like that. I going to end this page here, I have a lot of work to do. See you soon! Oh, I almost forgot, here is a photo with my dog keeping me company. 2

9 th March Hello again! Have you missed me? I hope so because I have so many things to tell you. First of all, I finished the book I told you about. It was awesome, I really recommend it to you. It kind of changed my opinion about a part of history, but nevermind. The weather is fine today, I took a walk earlier and the fresh air brought me back to life. A thought about summer and sea passed through my mind and for one moment I felt free and wild just like the teenagers in the 90’ movies. I love the 90’ life, it seems to be so grunge and vintage all, and the music is also good. However, the big news is that I applied for volunteers in Africa and I was accepted, a couple of month I am going to be in Ghana, helping orphans. Wish me luck! 3

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