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Bobcat Engine VH4D Repair manual

Fig. 8 Fig. 7 is in good

Fig. 8 Fig. 7 is in good condition; otherwise use a new gasket. See Fig. 7, which shows the strainer mounted to the fuel tank of a power unit. On open engines, the strainer is mounted to the inlet of the fuel pump. CARBURETOR ADJUSTMENT The main metering jet in the carburetor is of the fixed type, that is, it requires no adjustment. The idle needle should be adjusted for best low speed operation, while carburetor throttle is closed by hand. For illustrations and more information, see Carburetor Manufacturer’s Instruction Bulletin in the back of this manual. MAGNETO BREAKER POINT ADJUSTMENT Magnetos are properly adjusted before leaving factory. The breeker points on the Fairbanks-Morse magneto and on the Wico magneto should be .0|5" at full separation. If the spark becomes weak after continued operation, it may be necessary to readjust these points. To do this first remove the end cover on the magneto. The crankshaft should then be rotated with the starting crank, (this also rotates the magneto), until the breaker points are wide open. The opening or gap should then be measured with a feeler gauge as shown in Fig. 8 and if necessary reset. To readjust points, first loosen the locking screws on the contact plate enough so that the plate can be moved. Insert the end of a small screw driver into the adiusting slot at the bottom of the contact plate and open or close the contacts by moving the plate until the proper opening is obtained. See Fig. 9. After tightening the locking screws, recheck breaker point gap to make sure it has not changed. If it is found that the breaker points have become rough, they should be smoothed with a breaker point file before the preceding adjustments are made. Replace magneto end cover carefully MEASURE BREAKER POINT GAP WHEN~ OPEN. ADJUST TO .015 INCH BREAKER ARM- LOCKING CONTACT ADJUSTING SCREWS PLATE~ SLOT OPEN END VIEW OF FAIRBANKS-MORSE MAGNETO Fig. 9 so that it will seal properly. Do not force cover screws too tightly otherwise cover may crack. For further information, see Fairbanks-Morse or Wico Magneto Maintenance Manual in the back of this manual. MAGNETO IGNITION SPARK If difficulty is experienced in starting the engine or if engine misses firing, the strength of the ignition spark may be tested by disconnecting the No. 1 ignition cable from the spark plug and holding the terminal about 1/8 inch away from the air shroud or any other conveniently located metal part of the engine. If the ignition cables have a molded rubber insulated spark plug terminal at the end, as illustrated in Fig. lO, wedge a piece of bare wire up into the terminal and let one end of the wire extend out. Turn the engine over slowly by the starting crank two complete revolutions and watch for a strong spark discharge, which should occur during the cycle at the instant the impulse coupling on the magneto snaps. Repeat this check with each of the other ignition cables. If there is a weak spark, or none at all, check breaker point opening as mentioned in preceding paragraph under 11

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