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Bobcat Engine VH4D Repair manual

FOREWORD Good operation

FOREWORD Good operation and a planned maintenance program as outlined in this manual are vital in obtaining maximum engine performance and long engine life. The instructions on the following pages have been written with this in mind, to give the operator a better understanding of the various problems which may arise, and the manner in which these problems can best be solved or avoided. The operator is cautioned against the use of any pans, other than genuine Wisconsin parts, for replacement or repair. These pans have been engineered and tested for their particular job, and the use of any other pans may result in unsatisfactory performance and short engine life. Wisconsin distributors and dealers, because of their close factory relations, can render the best and most efficient service. THE LIFE OF YOUR ENGINE DEPENDS ON THE CARE IT RECEIVES. The MODEL, SPECIFICATION and SERIAL NUMBER of your engine must be given when ordering pans. The MODEL and SPECIFICATION number are on the name plate. The SERIAL NUMBER is stamped either on the crankcase or the engine’s identification tag. Copy the MODEL, SPECIFICATION and SERIAL NUMBER in the spaces provided below so that it will be available when ordering pans. MODEL SPECIFICATION SERIAL NUMBER To insure prompt and accurate service, the following information must also be given: 1. State EXACTLY the quantity of each pan and pan number. 2. State definitely whether pans are to be shipped by express, freight or parcel post. 3. State the exact mailing address.

IMPORTANT READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY All points of operation and maintenance have been covered as carefully as possible, but if further information is required, send inquiries to the factory for prompt attention. When writing to the factory, ALWAYS GIVE THE MODEL, SPECIFICATION AND SERIAL NUMBER of the engine referred to. Startin_o and ODeratin_o New Engines Careful breaking-in of a new engine will greatly increase its life and result in troublefree operation. A factory test is not sufficient to establish the polished bearing surfaces, which are so necessary to the proper performance and long life of an engine. These can only be obtained by running a new engine carefully and under reduced loads for a short time. ¯ Be sure the engine is filled to the proper level with a good quality engine oil. ¯ For proper procedures to follow when breaking-in a new engine, see ’Testing Rebuilt Engine’. The various bearing surfaces in a new engine have not been glazed, as they will be with continued operation, and it is in this period of "running in" that special care must be exercised, otherwise the highly desired glaze will never be obtained. A new bearing surface that has once been damaged by carelessness will be ruined forever.

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