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Bobcat Engine VH4D Repair manual


DISASSEI~BLY Before disassembling: Clean outside of carburetor from all reign material. When cleaning a completely assembled carburetor do not blow with compressed air, you may collapse the float. For a complete disassembly, follow the sequence of part reference numbers in the carburetor exploded view, Fig. 3. Nozz[e Ref. 9, Fig. 1 is not removable. IMPORTANT: Before removing Throttle and Choke levers, note their position and location. Optional mounting is available and may differ from exploded view i11ustration. CLEANING Wash all parts in a mild solvent or fuel. Blow air through orifices (holes) and channels in throttle body and fuel bowl. Do not probe with any sharp tools which might damage small metering holes. REASSEMBLY Replace all worn or damaged parts -- use all new gaskets. Note; Body Gasket (18) is put on before float is assembled, and round opening in gasket fits into groove of Venturi (11). ADJUSTMENTS, Fig. 1 Turn Idle speed screw (5), Fig. 3,in until throttle valve slightly opera With engine warmed up and running, turn adjusting screw in or out as required to obtain desired low idle speed (1000 to 1200 r.p.m.). The Idle adjusting needle (14) should be seated lightly (clockwise), then backed out ] ._+ 1/8 turns as a preliminary setting. With engine warmed up and running at about 1200 R.P.M., fine tune idle mixture for smooth steady running. The Main Metering Jet (4), for high speed operation is fixed (not adjustable), as standard equipment, and used in the majority of engine applications. However, an Adiustable Jet carburetor is available, and the High Speed Adiustment is made by means of the Needle Assembly, Item 22A of Fig. 3, in the following manner: 1. As a preliminary setting, turn needle out from its seat about 1 to 1¼ turns open. 2. With engine warmed up and running at idle speed, crack throttle open suddenly. 3. If engine hesitates before speeding up, open Main Jet Needle 1/8 to 1/4 turn. Repeat until engine goes from idle to high speed without hesitation. Optional Throttle ’ever(9) located Be sure that Notch in Venturi is facing toward float needle valve -- this is clearance for Main nozzle in throttle body. Assemble Throttle Valve (8) and Choke Valve (25) with numbers facing to the outside, when valves are in the closed MP 0 R TAN T: Be careful in tightening brass screws and fittings, so as not to strip threads and screw driver slots. Tighten firmly but not excessively. Valve Seat (16) -- 40 to SO inch pounds torque Main Jet (22) - SO to 60 inch pounds torque FLOAT SETTING, Fig. 2 With fuel bowl removed and float assembly in place, turn throttle body upside down so that float assembly is on top. Check float height with a depth gauge. Setting should be 1.0|0 inch -+ .020 above bowl gasket. If necessary, bend float arm (at float), obtain correct height. SPRING ~ BUOYANCE | +1 , SPRING ~ ~:v{~).. ~J FLOAT Fig. 2 FLOAT SETTING BODY Fig. Instructions 3 EXPLODED VIEW and Service Parts Illustration 39

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