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Bobcat Engine VH4D Repair manual


MAGNETO SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS FAIRBANKS-MORSE TYPE FM-X4B7A Y-97 Series Wisconsin No. Y-97-$2 (With GD-93C-4 DRIVE GEAR) FOR MODEL VH4D GENERAL DESCRIPTION Fairbanks-Morse Type FM-X4B7A Magneto is designed and engineered to provide quick easy starting and maximum dependability of operation with minimum service. The compact a~nico magnetic rotor assures an intensely hot spark under most operating conditions, SERVICE PROCEDURE The first step in magneto field servicing is to examine the magneto for corroded high tension towers, broken wires, or high tension wires not pushed far enough into the magneto tower to make good contact. Then test the ignition spark while engine is being cranked. If a strong spark is observed, the magneto is not the cause of engine malfunction. If no spark is seen, proceed with servicing magneto. SERVICING BREAKER POINTS, FIG. 1 Remove the end cap cover, distributor rotor and the end cap. Then inspect the breaker points for pitting, oxidation and shorting. If points are worn or shorted, they should be replaced. To remove the poiut set, take out the breaker arm terminal screw releasing the breaker arm spring, coil lead and condenser lead. Remove the fulcrum pin snap ring and slide the breaker arm off the fulcrum pin. Remove the contact support locking screws and lift off the contact support. The installation of new points is the reverse of the removal. After the points have been installed, they should be adjusted to the correct clearance of 0.015 inch at high point of cam. Be sure the points are clean and bright before adjusting them. Insert a screwdriver in the slot of the support bracket and pivot it between the two small bosses on the bearing support until the desired clearance is obtained Then clean the points again before sealing the magneto. COIL CONDENSER MEASURE BREAKER POINT GAP WHEN OPEN. ADJUST TO .015 INCH BREAKER LOCKING CONTACT ADJUSTING ARM SCREWS PLATE SLOT Fig. 1, BREAKER POINT ADJUSTMENT FIELD SERVICE NOT RECOMMENDED The cam wick, if dry or hard, should be replaced with a new factory impregnated wick. Other than this the magneto does not require field lubrication. No attempt should be made to oil or grease the magneto bearings. The magneto lubricant should be replaced only during the overhaul of the magneto by a Fairbanks-Morse authorized service station using recommended lubricant and factory engineered parts. Coil and condenser replacement while simple are not re©ommended unless adequate test equipment is available. N0 $*ttempt should be made to remove magnetic rotor from housing unless specific instructions for releasing the shaft are available. INTERNAL TIMING, FIG. 2 If, for any reason, the magneto ha-~ be~’n dismantled to the extent that the distributor gear has been removed the teeth must be properly meshed with those of the magnetic rotor gear upon reassembly. The gear teeth are marked to facilitate internal timing. The single marked tooth of the rotor gear must mesh between the two teeth ,of the distributor gear designated by the letter C. Fig. 2, Marked Tooth of Rotor Gear Must Mesh Between The ’C’ Mark of Distributor Gear INTERNAL TIMING GEARS TIMING THE MAGNETO TO THE ENGINE If the magneto has been removed from the engine for servicing, the operator must follow the engine manufacturer’s instructions for timing the magneto to the engine. Refer to ’Magneto Timing’ in engine instruction manual. When installing the magneto on the engine, be sure the magneto is properly attached and that the housing to engine gasket is in good condition. SPECIAL DRIVE GEAR, FIG. 3 The magneto is equipped with a special drive gear mounted directly on the impulse coupling. If it is necessary to replace the drive gear, special care must be exercised in reassembly. It is possible to be off lgO ° in timing if gear is improperly mounted. Assemble gear as follows: Remove magneto end cap cover and turn distributor rotor until it is in firing position for No. 1 cylinder. Retain rotor in this position and fit the drive gear to the impulse coupling lugs so that the prick punch mark on front of gear is located as shown. DRIVE GEAR Fig~ 3, PLACE DISTRIBUTOR ROTOR IN FIRING POSITIOCq No. I CYLINDER - THEN - i ~_..~MOUN T GEAR WITH ’PRICK PUNCH’ MARKED GEAR TOOTH LOCATED THUS DRIVE GEAR MARKING AND ASSEMBLY 41

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