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BassPlayer 2017-01

BassPlayer 2017-01

Nice top. Round core.

Nice top. Round core. Boom. When our bass-playing experts found a way to wrap nickel-plated steel around a round core, they created one of the world’s most popular bass strings. GHS Round Core Bass Boomers offer the malleable, tactile experience you expect from a round core string. The nickel-plated steel adds extra core durability with a full frequency sound — with a soft, clear high end — that babies your frets. These are your power strings. These are Round Core Bass Boomers. From GHS. PLAY WITH THE BEST 800.388.4447 ELECTRIC GUITAR BASS ACOUSTIC CLASSICAL MANDOLIN BANJO BAJO DULCIMER PEDAL STEEL RESONATOR UKULELE AND MORE

600 Watts at your Fingertips. Victor Wooten Hartke Artist Introducing the Hartke TX600 Bass Amplifier This new 600-watt bass amp offers Hartke’s legendary tube preamp circuitry in a highly-portable enclosure that weighs in at just 7 pounds. The TX600 features a built-in compressor and unique tone stack EQ section that compliments a variety of playing styles. Loud, light and flexible, the TX600 is the perfect all-around bass head for the stage and studio. © 2016 Hartke |

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