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BassPlayer 2017-02

BassPlayer 2017-02


LINK FACE TECH PLAY LEARN BASS NOTES B BASSNOTES BP RECOMMENDS Sting 57th & 9th [A&M] Sting’s first rock album in 13 years, 57th & 9th (named for the Manhattan intersection near the recording studio), is a first-rate, ten-song collection that touches on all phases of Mr. Sumner’s broad musical career. The first single, “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You,” has a heavy Police presence—with its chugging-eighths groove, arpeggio guitar parts, and shifting key centers—while “Petrol Head” pivots between the Police and roots rock. “50,000,” dedicated to such departed greats as Prince, Glenn Frey, and Lemmy, rides a muted verse (with Sting tuning the E string on his ’53 Fender Precision down to D) before bursting into a stadium-ready classic rock hook, a formula present on “Down, Down, Down,” as well. Sting’s Celtic persona emerges on the 6/8 “Pretty Young Soldier” and the guitar-and-vocal ballads “Heading South on the Great North Road” and “The Empty Chair” (for journalist and ISIS victim James Foley). Summoning the jazzy, solo Sting side is the Middle Eastern-tinged, European refugee-focused ballad “Inshallah,” and the exotic “If You Can’t Love Me,” with descending bass notes creating harmonic colors against a repeated four-note pattern, set to Vinnie Colauita’s 7/8 drum figure. Finally, there’s the somber topic of climate change presented via the upbeat, super-catchy rock bossa “One Fine Day,” which, with its Latinlike pushes in the bass line, make it Sting’s best 4-string work on the album. —Chris Jisi RUSH: Time Stand Still [Anthem/Zoe] It’s no secret that Rush aficionados are more hardcore than most: Many of us have bought every Rush album and seen them live dozens of times, relishing our membership in a geeky, worldwide family of fanatics. So the announcement last year that Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart were getting off the road was more than just the end of an era—it was a devastating setback, and another reminder that even for the gods, time does not stand still. Fortunately, this two-hour documentary tells the story of the trio’s final shows and momentous decision with grace, humor, and sensitivity, perfectly capturing the complex emotions of fans (including sadness, shock, and nostalgia) and the band (reluctant acceptance from Geddy and relief from Alex and Neil, whose bodies were more than ready to retire). Along the way, there’s great live and backstage footage, as well as cool interviews and a handful of bonus goodies. A truly moving, bittersweet picture that captures the essence of what Rush and its fans mean to each other. —E.E. Bradman Glenn Hughes Resonate [Frontiers] Resonate is a bona-fide rock record that Deep Purple fans will utterly salivate over. Songs like “Steady,” “God Of Money” and “How Long” are heavy, well-crafted gems KEVIN MAZUR 14 / february2017

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