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BassPlayer 2017-02

BassPlayer 2017-02


B BASSNOTES that highlight Glenn Hughes’ left-hand vibrato, one of the greatest contributions to the world of rock bass. With his roaming, upper-register excursions, Hughes wrings every last drop of emotion from the neck of his instrument, elevating this record into the realm of essential listening. —Freddy Villano Bonobo Migration [Ninja Tune] Electronic trip-hop guru Simon Green’s sixth album combines atmospheric currents with entrancing rhythms to create a moving album that is somehow even more cathartic than 2012’s The North Borders. While Green (a.k.a. Bonobo) often creates beautiful walls of synth bass under strings, vocals, and choral samples, his beloved Music Man StingRay provides the foundation on many tracks, including the deep swells on “No Reason” and the constant runs of “Figures.” —Jon D’Auria The Rolling Stones Blue & Lonesome [Polydor] The Stones most successfully return to their inspirational roots with this set of mainly Chicago blues covers, cut in three days in the U.K., with Don Was producing. Down below, Darryl Jones runs the stylistic and sonic gamut, from minimalist, upright-sounding parts on “Just Your Fool” and “Commit a Crime” (even laying off the one on the latter) to a more modern, electric bass tone on “All of Your Love.” Toss in his syncopated pattern on Willie Dixon’s “Just Like I Treat You,” and Jones once again earns his supreme-sideman status. —Chris Jisi Wakrat Wakrat [Earache] With a storied history of lighting himself on fire, getting waterboarded, and breaking bones during music-video shoots, Tim Commerford has finally created an album that is an aural representation of the self-inflicted violence he has endured. His latest trio’s debut is a brutal beatdown of vicious tones, blistering bass lines, and Commerford’s aggressive and politically driven vocals. On a relentless album that never lets up, Timmy C proves that he has even more rage now than ever before. —Jon D’Auria Dot Hacker N3 [ORG Music] Jonathan Hischke has always taken a bold approach to writing: He never shies away from welcoming the weird and putting the bass at the forefront. On Dot Hacker’s newest album, Hischke takes this mentality to the next level. His usually heavily effected tone is more focused on gain-fueled grittiness, contrasting the brash guitar playing of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Josh Klinghoffer. For a proper Hischke crash course, dive into the bass-centric tracks “C Section,” Forgot to Smile,” and “Apt Mess.” —Jon D’Auria BP 16 / february2017

High Powered, High End Bass Cabinets & Stereo Valve Pre-Amps The Very Best Demand The Best - Shouldn’t You? Maurice Fitzgerald (Beyonce Knowles, Destiny’s Child, Brian Culbertson) Derrick “Swol” Ray (Rhianna, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige) Scott Colley Michael Brecker, Herbie Hancock) Garrett Body (Heather Headley, Jennifer Hudson, Euge Groove, Rick Braun) André Bowman (Usher, Will I Am, Black Eyed Peas) Carl Young (Michael Franti & Spearhead) “He’s a Genius of acoustics”, Nate Phillips (Pleasure) “The boldest sounding bass amp on the planet!”, David Dyson (Pieces Of A Dream, Secret Society) “I’m honored to be onboard with this great product”, André Berry (David Sanborn) “These amps are just light years beyond what anyone else is doing!” New Products For NAMM Arlington Houston (Arlington Houston Quintet, Alphabet Soup) WJBP II Twin Channel Pre-Amp with phantom power selector Paul Adamy (Carly Simon, NY Philharmonic, Melissa Etheridge, Art Garfunkel) WJ 700 Watt Passive 2×10 Bass Cabinet Mark Peterson (Shakira, Cassandra Wilson Gerald Albright, Nick Cave) Isaiah “Za” Williams Drew Dedman Jess Reily Tim George Graham Maby (Arrested Development) (Superheist) (Tequila Mockingbyrd) (Richard Elliott, Peter White, Mindi Abair) (Joe Jackson Band) 1000 Watt (500 Watts a side) WJ 1x10 Powered Stereo Cabinet System, 1000 Watt WJ 2x10 Powered Bass Cabinets WJ 700 Watt Passive 2×10 Bass Cabinet, WJBP Stereo Valve Bass Single Channel Pre-Amp, WJBP II Twin Channel Pre-Amp with phantom power

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