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BassPlayer 2017-02

BassPlayer 2017-02

NEW D-800+ On the heels

NEW D-800+ On the heels of our Award-Winning SUBWAY® D-800 comes the upscale D-800+! This model joins the Line with two sweepable MIDS, a BRIGHT Voicing, Adjustable HI-PASS Filter with a 30Hz – 150Hz range, and an Effects Loop. In our popular SUBWAY Cabinet Line we unveil the New ultra-lite 2x10. And now the magic expands to the Desktop or the Floor in our New SUBWAY Bass DI-Preamp. SUBWAY® 5.5 lb. D-800 and 6.3 lb. D-800+ deliver huge tone in a compact format. New BASS DI-PREAMP direct-in solution. New 2x10 CABINET joins the 1x12 and 1x15 ultra-lite Subway Series. Visit or your local MESA ® Dealer to experience the SUBWAY Line today! © 2016 MESA/Boogie Ltd.

PULSE Bass Speakers Step forward bass players. New Celestion Pulse speakers combine thrilling dynamics with a rock solid low end and rich, deep tone. But what really sets these drivers apart is their lightning response and focus, enhancing every detail of your performance. A bold new voice for bass players: put some Pulse in your cabinet. Find out more

AviTrader MRO Magazine 2017-02
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312000 $312000 $412000 - medialink -